Blog Bonus: Comparing Darren Sharper to Gibril Wilson

Probably any Dolphins fan who followed them closely knows about Gibril Wilson. If you don't, well be thankful you didn't have to find out by watching it happen.

I can joke around about it now, but it was extremely frustrating during the season to watch. He just could never seem to make a tackle, and a few times he would miss a tackle that was broken for a big gain. His coverage skills were also mediocre at best. So, here is a little bonus comparison between him and Darren Sharper for people who view my blog.

2009 Interceptions:
Darren Sharper: 9
Gibril Wilson: 0

TD's returned in the last six years:
Sharper: 8 (3 last year)
Wilson: 0

Been to Pro Bowl?
Sharper: Yes
Wilson: No

Those are just some of the stats that show the difference between the two. You can be assured that if Miami gets Sharper, then they will get more interceptions, TD's returned, and a lot less TD's allowed. Sharper also got almost twice as many passes defensed as Wilson, with Sharper's 15 and Wilson's 8.

Trust me, we want Darren Sharper.