Dolphin Shout: Reshad Jones, SS Miami Dolphins

With the 163rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins selected Reshad Jones a safety from Georgia. Jones is a very talented safety, but he has had questions about his speed. He also has great size and has a lot of athleticism.

While watching his highlights, I couldn't help but notice how well he tackles. Miami fans will recall Gibril Wilson of last year who couldn't tackle anyone so he will be refreshing for Dolphins fans to watch play next year. He also gets a lot of big hits on runners.

He isn't the best catcher, but as long as he breaks up a pass I am fine with him. My main concern with him is that he will get beat deep by faster receivers, which was a problem for the Dolphins last year. I hope that Miami can put him through some special type of workout to improve his speed because I do not want to see the same thing as last year. I know it won't be exactly the same thing because of his tackling, but I just can't get past my worries over his speed.

I wish I was comfortable with him playing FS, I just can't completely be. The concern over his speed is a big one. I really, really hope he can develop his speed, but until then I hope Miami looks for a faster safety.

Hopefully he can prove me and any other doubters wrong, though.

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