Dolphin Shout: Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins RB

I figure that today's shout-out is an appropriate one. Today's shout is for Ricky Williams, who is releasing a documentary(I guess that's what you could call it) about his life today.

Ricky Williams has always been a great running back in the NFL. He was also one of the best for a few years until he unexpectedly left the Dolphins in 2004.

Since Ricky has returned to Miami, he has been a very good backup running back. He has apparently stayed clean of any Marijuana usage, which was something he struggled with a lot before he left the Dolphins.

Ricky Williams "movie" is called "Run Ricky Run" and will be shown on ESPN 30 for 30. From what I can tell, it tells the story of Ricky's life and what he did when he left Miami so abruptly in 2004. I encourage everyone to watch it because Ricky Williams is a very extraordinary man, and he does not think like other people. So, it would be interesting to try and view life from his perspective.

Trust me it is worth a look. If you consider yourself a true Dolphins fan, then I suggest you check it out because, from what I can see, it shows a lot about the man behind the helmet.

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