Hopefully, The Miami Dolphins Will Sign Free Agent LB Adalius Thomas

One position that the Miami Dolphins could use some help on is the outside linebacker, and that could be a very easy problem to fix. The New England Patriots recently released LB Adalius Thomas, a veteran outside linebacker. According to an article on yahoo.com, the Dolphins are waiting for the price to drop on Thomas before they sign him.

I hope they don't wait too long, because from what I can tell Thomas has a lot of talent and experience. He would be instrumental in teaching the other Dolphins OLB's and helping them develop.

Another reason I really want Miami to sign him first is because the Jets have also showed interest in him, and I want Miami to do anything that will hurt the Jets. If the Dolphins can snatch up Thomas before the Jets, then the Jets will have to go searching elsewhere for a lesser talented OLB, which is perfect.

So, hope that Miami does not wait to long to sign Thomas because those slippery Jets will probably be ready to sign him soon.

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