Miami Dolphins Secondary: No Longer A Major Problem

Now, before everyone sends me emails about my previous shout on how changing the pure 3-4 scheme is the least of our problems, just hear me out. I am well aware that the biggest problem of our pass defense was our secondary. It would have taken someone who was deaf, blind, and dumb to not know how bad our secondary did last year. I was just showing that Jared Odrick had a huge impact on the Dolphins.

I believe that there are 2 main reasons for last years horrible passing defense.

First, our safeties were, for the most part, atrocious. Gibril Wilson was "playing like Betty White out there" the entire season. He was probably one of the worst tacklers I have ever seen in the NFL, and he always seemed to be giving up big plays that an average, "run-of-the-mill" NFL safety wouldn't give up. Thankfully, he is gone and we have drafted new safeties to fill his spot.

Second, our cornerbacks were young. Vontae Davis, Miami's first round pick in the 2009 draft, and Sean Smith, one of Miami's second round picks in the 2009 draft, were two very young cornerbacks who showed a lot of promise. They may have given up a few big plays now and then, but they also made a few big plays in the favor of the Dolphins. They were thrust into starting positions as rookies and showed a lot of potential. They will only get better and I believe that they will soon become a dangerous duo to throw against.

Now that both of those problems are either completely fixed, or much better than last year we will be fine against the majority of the passing offenses in the NFL.

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