Shout Out: Jared Odrick DT Miami Dolphins

This is my first official Dolphin Shout-out. So, I figure why not shout out to a man who will help change Miami's defensive scheme:

Jared Odrick.

Jared Odrick will help the Dolphins move from a pure 3-4 defensive scheme to what I can only refer to as a hybrid defensive scheme. I see that because there will probably be a little bit of the 3-4 scheme as well as the 4-3 scheme. Odrick is very good at interior penetration, because that is all he did in college when he played for Penn State because they ran a 4-3 defense.

Miami had problems last year rushing and pressuring opposing quarterbacks. That was part of the reason why their pass defense seemed so bad. The quarterbacks could take all of the time they wanted to do whatever they wanted. Now with the new defensive hybrid, our defense can set up with 4 defensive linemen and use Odrick's superior interior rushing skills to get to the QB (or RB) sooner.

So, Jared Odrick, welcome to the Miami Dolphins and what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career in Miami. And, thank you in advance for helping transform our defense in to what will be a very productive hybrid.

This has been my first Shout, please check back more more posts and shouts at Dolphin Shout

I will also have a post later today regarding our secondary, so please check back in later.