What I Believe: The Miami Dolphins Chances Next Year

Article from my blog: Dolphin Shout

Now that the draft buzz is basically over, I figured why not move on to something else to talk about. I know it may be a little early to talk about, but I can't help myself. So, here is a little bit of a preview for the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have improved their offense tremendously by just making one crucial move, which was gaining WR Brandon Marshall. He completely transforms the Dolphins and turns them from just a running team to a running and passing team. Marshall will help Chad Henne and he will help the Dolphin running backs because defenses will have to focus more on Marshall and less on the run game like they were able to do last year.

Miami had a great offensive line last year, and it will only get better because of the addition of guard Richie Incognito. The line was great at blocking last year, and they will now be even better because of Incognito.

Miami has focused the majority of their efforts on defense this offseason. Every single pick in the draft except for one was used on defensive players, so that was obviously where they needed to improve the most. A lot of the pocus has been on improving the front seven on defense, and it has gotten better. The more notable additions by Miami were adding linebacker Karlos Dansby from Arizona and drafting defensive end Jared Odrick. Our front seven is obviously better and ready for whatever opposing offenses can throw at it.

My concern is the Dolphins secondary. Miami didn't draft a safety until the fifth round in the NFL draft, and they haven't added any notable talent at safety other than the draft. I believe that was a mistake because the Dolphins got beat way too many times last season, and a big reason for that was our safety play. We have great young talent at cornerback with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, but not at safety. I think Miami is putting too much confidence in our safeties and is trusting them too much. I haven't seen much of our young safeties, but from what I have seen I believe we could use some help

So, now for the main reason I wrote this article: Miami's Chances. I believe that the Dolphins have a great chance to make the playoffs next year. They have a bunch of scoring machines on offense now. Of that I have no doubt. Our run defense will be really good, too. Like I mentioned above, my biggest concern is the Dolphins safeties. So, until our safeties can get better or we get new ones I don't think Miami can make a deep push into the playoffs.

Here's to an improved secondary.

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