Chad Henne Featured on Front of Webpage

I know this may not seem like big news to most people, but to me it is.

Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne is on the front page of the home page and he is the first story featured in the little article slide "thingy".

The story basically talks about 20 players who are in position to make a jump into NFL stardom. While the article talks evenly about all 20 of the players, the cover picture is of Chad Henne, which is why I am excited. I am not sure, but that might be the first front page article that had a picture of Chad Henne.

I know to most of you right now I probably sound like a crazy obsessed freak, but you know what? I am, so leave me to celebrate along with the other 0.00001% of other Dolphins fans who get excited over little things like this. That's all I have to say now.

If you want to go see it just go to It will be the first thing you see.

Oh and by the way, I am still looking for my first twitter follower. The link is to the left if you scroll up a little bit. The first person to follow me on twitter will get a blog post all about them, so I'd hurry up if I were you! (Ah, the things we do to have people stalk us)

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So, I have recently started a twitter account.

All you have to do is click on the link provided below or on the button to the right of this post. I will try and keep my posts interesting. I will also be sure to tweet whenever I have a new post so you will know soon.

If you are on Twitter and are a Miami Dolphins fan please contact me and I would be more than happy to follow you as well.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you will enjoy whatever I have to say or tweet.

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Have the Miami Dolphins Become a "Thug" Team?

Nobody wants their favorite team's players to be arrested, and especially not multiple players in the same offseason.

Well, that is what has happened to the Miami Dolphins this offseason. The most recent was Phillip Merling who was arrested for hitting a pregnant woman.

I am wondering if you guys think the Miami Dolphins are becoming a thug team.

I know that you may not think that they are but think about this:

Multiple players have been arrested this season and the Dolphins also signed Richie Incognito, who isn't exactly a nice player to play against. They have shown a couple of times that they don't care about fan favorites.

I am not saying that they are thugs, it is just something to think about. I personally am fine overall with the Dolphins right now, with the exception of Phillip Merling. Never in my life could I support somebody who hit a woman, especially a pregnant one. I would be happier if Miami releases him. Nevermind that he could have possibly been starting. He is someone that I do not want to root for.

I also do not support the DUI's, but as long as they can learn from their mistakes then I am ok with it. If any one of the players who got a DUI has another run-in with the law, though, I would want them out of Miami.

Let me know what you guys think.

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What is your opinion on the Super Bowl being moved to colder weather?

So, the NFL has voted and a Super Bowl will now be held in New York.

I want to know what everyone thinks about that. I don't like the idea. I think the two best teams in the NFL should win on pure talent, and that might not happen if bad weather interferes.

Sure, it might make some of the games more interesting, but I don't think it will really be a showcase of the best in the NFL. It will be more of a showcase of who is tougher. Some people may like that, but when I watch the Super Bowl I want to see the best of the best playing at their best.

I don't know if a cold-weather Super Bowl will be able to do that.

Let me know what you think.

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Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez?

I was wondering who you guys think is the better QB: Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez?

Try not to be biased and look at it like a non Dolphins or Jets fan.

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Miami Dolphins Long Term, or New York Jets Short Term? You Decide

I figured I should throw this one out there.

I have heard a lot about the Jets going for the Super Bowl this year. They have signed a lot of veterans that they will hope will make an immediate impact.

So, I was thinking about the state of the Miami Dolphins organization and comparing it to the New York Jets organization.

Basically, you can say the Jets are going for the short-term success and the Dolphins are going for the long-term success.

With New York signing the veterans they have so far, they have basically set their sights at the Super Bowl and anything less for them will be a disappointment.

While it would be exciting for Jets fans because they can look forward to Super Bowl chances immediately, I would rather be on Miami's wagon.

The Miami Dolphins have been, basically, building the foundations for a successful franchise for years to come. A franchise that will be playoff contenders season after season. Sure, they have a shot at winning the Super Bowl next year, but the important thing is that they will have a strong shot at winning the big game every year.

So, it comes down to short-term or long-term?

Which would you rather?

I would much rather being a contender for years to come in the NFL instead of having a shot for one or two years.

And, because the Miami Dolphins are building such a strong foundation here is a prediction from me:

The Miami Dolphins WILL win a Super Bowl within the next five seasons.

You heard it here first everybody. Let me know what you think with your comments or emails.

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The Miami Dolphins Will Pass More Aggressively Because of Brandon Marshall

Thank you to Chris G. for this question after my request for things to write about. Chris' question was:

"Do you think the Dolphins will pass more aggressively and let down a little bit on the run game because of Brandon Marshall?"

I believe that yes, the Miami Dolphins will be more aggressive in the passing game this year. Brandon Marshall is too much of a threat to run the same type of offense as we did last year.

BUT, don't expect Chad Henne to be airing it out every time he passes. The Dolphins still have a very talented possession receivers like Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo. You can count on them getting a lot of catches along with Marshall, and Bess and Camarillo don't normally get very big gains when they catch the ball.

Also, you can still expect the Dolphins to run the ball pretty frequently. Miami has a bunch of talent at the running back position, and it would be a big waste to not use that talent.

So, while I would love to see the Dolphins to throw the ball long all of the time, I know it won't happen. Miami's offense is way too loaded to have to rely on just one person.

Be thankful that the Dolphins don't have to be excessively aggressive in just the passing game. When Miami is able to mix up different plays and use different players, it can keep defenses on their toes and enable the Dolphins to trick them and have big plays.

Thanks for the question Chris, and keep the questions coming everyone!

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What A Move! Resigning Zach Thomas Was A Great Thing For The Miami Dolphins To Do

I am really glad that the Miami Dolphins resigned Zach Thomas so he could retire with the team.

Thomas has been great for the Dolphins for the majority of his career, and I believe this was a very classy move by the Dolphins organization to give Thomas this tribute.

For those of you who don't know, the Miami Dolphins resigned Zach Thomas to a contract worth $1 so he could retire. Thomas spent the majority of his career with the Dolphins and wanted to be able to retire with them.

I have heard a lot recently from fans who are disappointed with how the Miami Dolphins organization has handled certain players like Jason Taylor. They complained about the lack of loyalty of the Dolphins organization to long-time Dolphins. Well, I think this move will make a lot more 'Phins fans happier with the organization.

Zach Thomas is and always will be a Miami Dolphin. That is thanks, in part, to the current Dolphins organization who decided to let him "finish" his career a Dolphins

Let me know what you guys think.

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Calling All Miami Dolphins Fans: I Need Your Help

Hello everybody. I am asking for help.

It is hard to think of something to write about the Miami Dolphins during the offseason, so I need some suggestions. I need you guys to tell me what I should write about.

The suggestion could be anything about the Miami Dolphins from a position battle to a shout out to a player to a prediction. Anything!

Please just give me ideas, because you guys are what drives this blog so I figure why not write about what you want.

You can suggest a topic by either sending me an email at or leaving me a comment here.

Now's the time. Let your voice be heard Dolphins fans.

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Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall's Injury Is Not A Huge Concern

So, apparently Brandon Marshall has an injury and had surgery on it. The word is he won't be able to play until training camp.

I know that most people are concerned about this, but I don't think it is a huge problem.

Brandon Marshall is a great player, and he has been extremely successful in his NFL career so far. He is very experienced and I believe that he will be able to learn about the Dolphins offense without having to play.

Sure, it is a little scary that the Broncos didn't let Miami know that there was a problem, but I don't expect it will be very bad. I know that you never want a player to miss practices, but injuries happen and usually players are able to perform just was well after their injury is over.

Marshall was also working on the exercise bike, so you can know that Marshall should be able to stay in shape while he recovers from whatever the injury is.

Hopefully Marshall will be able to come back soon and begin working with the team. Hopefully the nature of the injury will be disclosed soon, but until then let's just hope that he will still study and learn with the team.

So, please let me know what you guys think in the comments.

People who want to help others heal from an injury may
appreciate information
about healthcare degrees online.

Which Miami Dolphins Game Should I Get Tickets To?

I live in SC, and I was wondering what Miami Dolphins game you guys thought I should go to? It does not have to be in Miami either.

It doesn't really matter where the game is because I would fly there. Preferably not the Raiders game, but I don't think people would have reccommended going there anyways.

I was thinking about flying up to see the Jets game. It would be fun to go against the home crowd, and hopefully see them beat the Jets.

I also was considering going to the Bills game at Miami. That would be a likely win, so I figured why not go see that one.

But, I'm not sure yet which one, so I am up to suggestions. Please leave me some comments, and I will see what you guys say.

Thanks in advance!

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Miami Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo Amazing Leg Catch

Here is Miami Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo's Amazing Leg Catch. Enjoy.

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Miami Dolphins Shout Out: Greg Camarillo, WR

Please check out my Miami Dolphins blog for a video of Greg Camarillo's leg catch against the Atlanta Falcons last year. The video is here: Miami Dolphins Blog

I know that Greg Camarillo isn't the best WR on the Miami Dolphins, but that doesn't mean he can't be my favorite player on the Dolphins offense.

Camarillo is definitely a possession receiver. He had 50 receptions last year and 500+ yards, but not a single touchdown. Argue all you want, but if a receiver doesn't get touchdowns he will never be a superstar.

And, I don't think that is what Camarillo wants.

Camarillo has been with the team for three years going into a fourth. He has only scored 4 touchdowns in his NFL career, but he has had fifty receptions or more in his last two seasons. He has developed into a sure-handed receiver who you can be confident will catch the ball.

I remember the 2007-2008 season when Camarillo caught the pass across the middle and broke away for a huge touchdown against the Ravens in overtime. That was the Dolphins only win that season, and that was probably the only thing from that season that I am happy to remember.

Camarillo was also doing great in 2008-2009 before he was injured near the middle of the season.

Another play I remember by Camarillo was when I went to the game against the Atlanta Falcons last season in Atlanta. Camarillo was probably the only good thing that happened to the Dolphins that game when he made an interesting catch with his legs. I honestly don't remember how he did that catch, so I will post a video of it in a little while for you guys, but also myself.

Anyways, Greg Camarillo isn't the most glamorous receiver and definitely doesn't put up the best numbers, but I like him because he does the dirty work and has always been the gleam on an otherwise dirty van that was the Miami Dolphins at one time or another (the Dolphins are obviously not a dirty van anymore).

Greg Camarillo is my favorite offensive player on the Miami Dolphins and I hope he stays in Miami his entire career.

Please check out my blog. I have posted a video of Greg Camarillo's leg catch. Go here: Dolphin Shout

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Well Miami Dolphins Fans, sorry about the inactivity. Here's a youtube video to make it up to you

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I've only posted once in my obviously award winning Miami Dolphins blog. three days.

I promised myself that I would post every day, but I was sick with symptoms of the flu and I am finally better now. I would have posted and had an idea for a post but I was too weak to even lift up my arm to my laptop. Expect a post or two within the next 24 hours.

While you wait I thought you would want to check out this video. It made me laugh so hard it took a day off of the time I was sick (not really).

Most of you will probably not laugh that much but to a sick person like me who has hardly seen the sun these last few days it was hillarious.

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Comparing Chad Henne's Salary Efficiency to other NFL QBs

This is a follow up to my previous blog post.

All statistics and salaries are from the 2009-2010 season.

First, we will compare Henne's completions, touchdowns, yards, and passer rating to his salary

Chad Henne
Salary - $950,340
Completions - 274
Salary per completion - $3468
Touchdowns - 12
Salary per touchdown - $79195
Yards - 2,878
Salary per yard - $330
Passer Rating - 75.2
Salary per passer rating - $12637

Now, here are some more players' salary efficiency statistics with how they compare to Henne

Tom Brady

Salary - $8,007,280
Completions - 371
Salary per completion - $21582 - more than Henne
Touchdowns - 28
Salary per touchdown - $285974 - more than Henne
Yards - 4,398
Salary per yard - $1820 - more than Henne
Passer Rating - 96.2
Salary per passer rating - $83235 - more than Henne

Peyton Manning

Salary - $14,005,720
Completions - 393
Salary per completion - $35637 - more than Henne
Touchdowns - 33
Salary per touchdown - $424415 - more than Henne
Yards - 4,500
Salary per yard - $3112 - more than Henne
Passer Rating - 99.9
Salary per passer rating - $140197 - more than Henne

Eli Manning

Salary - $20,500,000
Completions - 317
Salary per completion - $64668 - more than Henne
Touchdowns - 27
Salary per touchdown - $759259 - more than Henne
Yards - 4,021
Salary per yard - $5098 - more than Henne
Passer Rating - 93.1
Salary per passer rating - $220193 - more than Henne

I am not saying Chad Henne is better than any of these quarterbacks, though I hope he will be one day. I am just looking at the numbers. It is kind of incredible that Eli Manning was payed three quarters of a million dollars for every touchdown he threw.

If you would like me to analyze the numbers for another QB not listed here you can either comment on this post asking or feel free to email me at

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to do it, but I will try my best.

Sources: - player stats - for Henne's salary - for Brady's salary - for Peyton Manning's Salary - for Eli Manning's salary

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Chad Henne Is An Incredible Value For The Miami Dolphins

I saw an article recently that said JaMarcuss Russell was being paid $100,000 per completion when you take his total salary and divide it by how many completions he had. That is an absolutely horrible amount of money to be paying a player that is that bad.

Thankfully Miami Dolphins fans, we don't have to worry about that. Chad Henne gets paid a lot less, and still gets a lot of completions.

According to Chad Henne's salary is $950,340. You can probably guess that he is payed less than Russell per completion because you know he got more than 9.5 completions as a starter last year.

In the 2009-2010 season Henne had 274 completions. If you do the math it comes out to $3,468 per completion.

That may seem like a lot, but not for an NFL quarterback.

To put that into perspective lets compare Henne's salary and completions to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

According to, Sanchez's salary was $2,545,000. Also, the site shows his future salaries, and they are all $8 million or higher for the rest of Sanchez's contract. So, as you can see, Sanchez is and will be a very generously payed athlete.

Sanchez had 196 completions in 2009-2010. When you divide $2,545,000 by 196 completions you get $12,984. That is almost four times what Henne was paid per completion.

Now, Chad Henne's salary is likely to go up. The better he performs, the more he will get paid. I am hoping Henne will have a break out season next year which would most likely raise his salary by a lot, but we will see what happens.

As long as he is better than his Jets counterpart, I am happy. Sorry New York, it just seems like the Dolphins will always be better than you.

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Make or Break Time: 2010 Is a Huge Year For The Miami Dolphins

Please check out my blog here: Miami Dolphins Blog

This next season is make or break time for the Miami Dolphins.

They will either prove that they are a team here to stay, or they will sink back into the failure of the Dolphins team three years ago when they only won 1 game out of 16.

When head coach Tony Sparano and other new staff took over two years ago they helped turned the Miami Dolphins organization around. They went from 1-15 to 11-5 in only one season. They went from the bottom of the league to one of the best records in the league.

Last season the Miami Dolphins were brought down to earth when they went 7-9. The season started off in a bad way with an 0-3 start, and was also capped off in a bad way when they lost the last three games of the season. The middle of the season was much better, as the Dolphins went 7-3.

Hopefully, this coming season will be a lot better. It better be, because it will determine a lot about the Miami Dolphins future.

If Miami is able to win and do well next year it will prove that they are a good team that is here to stay.

If they do horribly, then they will have to start all over again. The rebuilding process will have to start over again, and the last two years will have been wasted.

Two seasons ago the Dolphins were hot, and last year was a little bit of a cooling process. Now, let us all hope that Miami will heat up again so they can stay hot for years to come.

Dolphins fans were tired of seasons of failure, so when the 11-5 season came around it was a refreshing feeling. Now, lets hope Miami can keep winning because it is make or break time.

I hope to be able to wear a Super Bowl Champions hat and t-shirt with a Dolphins logo on it, and I want to be able to see the commercial after the Super Bowl that advertises a DVD paying tribute to the Super Bowl Champion Miami Dolphins.

You've all heard it before, and it would sound something like this:

"Dolphins fans, your team has just won the Super Bowl. Celebrate this historic win with..."

So Dolphans, we will see how this season turns out. Hope that it is a favorable outcome because that will tell us how the next few years will be at Sun Life Stadium in South Florida.

Thanks for reading and please check out my blog here: Dolphin Shout

Finding Leaders on the Miami Dolphins

An article on the Miami Herald made me think about something. Who will be the leaders on the Dolphins team.

Normally an experienced veteran who is dominant on the field is classified as a leader of a team, but I don't know who could be classified as that.

Also, you don't always have to be experienced or dominant. Rookies have been known to be leaders in a sense.

I believe that Chad Henne has the best shot at being a team captain.

Who do you guys think will be team captains on the team? Leave your comments and let me know what you think.

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Are The Miami Dolphins Placing Too Much Faith in The FS Position?

Please check out my Dolphins blog here: Miami Dolphins Blog

So, there hasn't been much to talk about the FS position since the NFL draft, so I thought I would start some again.

This is mainly because I feel like the Dolphins are placing too much faith in the current players on the roster at free safety. After last years passing defense performed poorly you would think that Miami would try and fix the FS position, which is probably the weakest point of the entire defense.

Yes, they did go out and draft FS Reshad Jones in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft, but I'm not sure if that is enough. Jones seems to have a lot of potential, but I don't think he will be able to make a huge impact during his rookie year.

The Dolphins inactivity when it comes to taking a better free safety surprises me. I thought they would go out and get someone earlier in the draft or sign a free agent, but they didn't and that is surprising.

It seems like they are placing too much faith in who they have, and I just can't see why. I would have liked them to go out and pick up Darren Sharper, who is a really talented FS that would step in and give them immediate help. Sharper would have also been able to show Miami's young free safeties the ropes and help them develop enough to take his spot when he would have retired. But, the Dolphins didn't make him an offer and he signed back with the Saints.

Also, during the draft the Dolphins went out and picked Jared Odrick. Yes, Odrick is a really great player who will help a lot, but I thought that they could have signed a safety like Earl Thomas who was available in the first round to the Dolphins before they traded their pick.

I am hoping that they are seeing something that I'm not, which is very possible. Maybe Reshad Jones is exactly what the Dolphins were looking for, but I don't think so because if he was that good he wouldn't have fallen late into the fifth round.

With an offseason spent beefing up the Dolphins lineup, you'd think that they would have addressed one of their most glaring weaknesses last year, but they didn't.

Only time will tell if things work out in our passing defense, but until then I am worried that we don't currently have enough talent at FS position.

I know that it sounds like I am saying that next year will be horrible without a FS, and I know it won't. But, I think it would be a lot better with more talent at FS.

Don't forget to check out my blog here: Dolphin Shout

Bill Parcells: What difference has the Tuna made?

I have heard a lot about people not liking the "trifecta" of the Miami Dolphins. One of the trifecta is Bill Parcells, and there are mixed emotions about him.

I think he is a key part in the Dolphins turnaround. Wherever Parcells goes success follows, and I think there is a reason for that. Parcells does what it takes to win, and he doesn't care about tradition or heritage, which is evidenced by how Miami handled the Jason Taylor situation.

I personally don't mind him doing whatever it takes to win. I understand that Taylor had a long history with the Dolphins, but if he wouldn't have helped the team enough then I am fine with him being released as long as we keep winning.

So, the jury is out still. If we can win then it is fine for me if we ignore heritage.

Let me know, what do you guys think? Let me know with your comments.

Fate Unknown: Will the Miami Dolphins Keep QB Pat White?

Please check out my blog for unique content here: Miami Dolphins Blog

A recent article got me thinking: will the Miami Dolphins keep Pat White?

Think about it. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster.

Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen, and Pat White

I am wondering if Miami will keep four quarterbacks or if they will cut one in order to make more room for another position. If they did that, then would Pat White be the odd man out?

I don't think he will simply because he adds another dimension to the offense. He was a great quarterback in college, and I think he will be able to develop into a great NFL quarterback if the Dolphins need him to.

At this moment Miami doesn't need to worry about the QB spot, but you never know what could happen so it is always good to have depth at the position. So, while it may not seem like an immediate need for the Dolphins it is still important to pay attention to.

I think Miami should stay young in the quarterback spot. The Dolphins should go with youth and keep Henne, Thigpen, and White. Henne and White are both under 25 years old, and Thigpen is only 26. Pennington is 33 and I don't believe he is worth keeping as a QB. Maybe Miami could sign him as some type of coach because that is probably the only thing he will be needed for next year.

I just don't see how the Dolphins could keep Pennington as a QB and not White. Pennington is very injury-prone, old, and has a weak arm. White shows a lot of potential, is young, and has a decent arm to go with his great running skills.

Think about it, why would you keep an old quarterback who won't play on a roster to teach younger quarterbacks when you could just hire him as a coach. You could make up a name for the position like assistant quarterback coach. It doesn't really matter because he would be doing the same thing either way. I think we would be able to clear up a spot on the roster by doing that to keep Pat White.

Just and idea.

Please check out my blog for unique content here: Miami Dolphins Blog

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A New Way to do things

So up until now, I have been posting everything I wrote on my blog and also adding the article to Bleacher Report. Well, I am going to partially change the way I do things in order to make the content of my blog a little more unique.

From now on I will be posting things on my blog that I don't post on bleacher report. I will still add the articles to bleacher report, but from now on I will also have content that is only available at my blog.

So, please keep checking back to see what is new.

Which Miami Dolphins WR Will Start Along With Brandon Marshall?

Please check out my blog: Dolphins Blog

Last year the Dolphins had a lot of possession receivers that could catch pretty much any ball. Now the Dolphins have a star wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. Marshall is a huge play maker that fills a hole Miami has had for years. Now, I am wondering who will be the other WR that starts with Brandon Marshall.

First, I know that there are 3 WR sets on offense that the Dolphins run, but I am wondering who will be the other WR if Miami is running a play with only two receivers in at a time. Basically, I am wondering who is the second best receiver on the Miami Dolphins receiving corps.

There are three main candidates that I can see starting with Marshall. They are either Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, and Brian Hartline.

Each of these receivers has their own specialties that make them worthy of starting. My personal favorite receiver is Greg Camarillo, but I believe he has the least chance of starting. If the ball is thrown well to Camarillo you know he will be able to catch it, he just doesn't get a lot of yards when he does catch it. Last year Camarillo had 50 catches for 552 yards receiving. So, despite him being my favorite receiver, I will take him off of the list now.

That leaves either Davone Bess or Brian Hartline. Bess definitely specializes in possession receiving more than Hartline and Hartline is more of a big play receiver than Bess. Bess had 76 receptions for 758 yards which is around 10 yards per catch. Hartline had 31 receptions for 506 yards which is just over 16 yards per catch.

So, in order to answer the above question we need to know what type of WR Miami is looking for. In the last two years Miami has definitely put more attention and emphasis on shorter passes. We already know Brandon Marshall will be able to make big plays, but we don't know whether the Dolphins want another big play receiver or a possession receiver.

I think that the Dolphins will choose Bess, simply because of the fact that Marshall is already the deep threat that Miami needs. I think that the Dolphins will want to have a receiver continuing on the shorter routes like they have had the last two years. If they keep Bess in it will add another dimension to Miami's offense.

Just look at how much each player was thrown to last season. That is a pretty good indicator of who got more playing time. Bess had more than twice the amount of receptions that Hartline did. That showed that the Dolphins liked passing to Bess more often. That could possibly mean that they like passing to Bess more, which would make him a likely candidate to start.

Now with all of that said, I understand anything can happen from now until the season starts. Each of the three receivers has a chance to start with Marshall, I just think that Bess will have the best shot at it.

Please be sure to check out my blog: Miami Dolphins Blog

Week 5 Miami Dolphins Beat New York Jets

The video is the last two minutes of the game, so enjoy.

Good Kitty, Bad Kitty: Will The Miami Dolphins Run The Wildcat Offense Next Year?

Please check out my blog. It has a video of the Dolphins-Jets Week 5 match-up when the Wildcat won the game. Go here please: Miami Dolphins Blog

Everyone knows about the wildcat offense that the Miami Dolphins revealed two seasons ago and have been using effectively ever since. What I'm wondering is will the Dolphins run the wildcat next year?

I pose the question because, while it was a very successful offensive formation for the Dolphins, a lot of the time Miami had to run it because they didn't have much of a passing offense. Well, now that they have Brandon Marshall and a more valid passing offense I'm not sure whether the wildcat will be necessary next year.

Think about it, the Dolphins unveiled the wildcat offense in the 2008-2009 season against the New England Patriots when Chad Pennington was the quarterback. Pennington never had a strong arm, so the Dolphins could not rely on him to carry the team. So, why not put more of the load on Miami's capable running backs.

Now, the Dolphins have Chad Henne who has a much stronger arm. Yes, the Dolphins ran the wildcat a lot last year, but that was to help Henne by not forcing him to take on a huge amount of responsibility when Pennington was injured. Now, Henne is a more experienced and capable QB with a star WR at his disposal. If the Dolphins fail to utilize him as much as possible and continue to run the wildcat a lot then they are just wasting talent and the record amount of money they are using to pay Brandon Marshall.

I would not be surprised if we see the wildcat run a little bit during the season just to mix things up and keep defenses on their toes, but the Dolphins need to start passing more. The NFL is becoming a pass first league and the Dolphins need to keep up with that.

Running the football is like using a pick-axe on a mountain, where passing the football is like using a machine drill to drill through a mountain. Both will work, but one works a lot faster.

I know some fans may not support taking the ball away from one of the best running games in the NFL, but it will be worth it when we have one of the best passing offenses next year.

Be thankful that we were able to squeeze all we could out of the wildcat offense in the two years we could use it. It was able to bring us some great memories and big wins. Think New York Jets Week 5 with :10 seconds left.

So, it has given us great memories but it is time to move on.

Trust me, you will like the new offense.

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Broad Assumptions: Predicting The Miami Dolphins 2010-2011 Season

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Now that the Dolphins have an average difficulty schedule and not the hardest in the NFL like last year, I figured I could do a few predictions based on win-loss records last year.

Basically, if the Dolphins had more wins last year than their opponent I will count it as a win. I know it isn't very accurate because teams change and anything can happen on any given Sunday, but humor me here.

Also, if both teams had the same record I will give the win to the home team.

Miami's Record (7-9)

Week 1: at Buffalo (6-10) W

Week 2: at Minnesota (12-4) L

Week 3: New York Jets (9-7) L

Week 4: New England (9-7) L

Week 5: Bye

Week 6: at Green Bay (11-5) L

Week 7: Pittsburgh (9-7) L

Week 8: at Cincinnati (10-6) L

Week 9: at Baltimore (9-7) L

Week 10: Tennessee (8-8) L

Week 11: Chicago (7-9) W

Week 12: at Oakland (5-11) W

Week 13: Cleveland (5-11) W

Week 14: at New York Jets (9-7) L

Week 15: Buffalo (6-10) W

Week 16: Detroit (2-14) W

Week 17: at New England (10-6) L

Final Record: 6-10

What have we learned?

Don't trust schedule rankings. I know most of you probably already knew that, but this is just proof. Miami's scheduled opponents combined wins and losses last year were 128-128. That is misleading, though, because most of the teams the Dolphins play are above .500. The only reason that it is even is that they play some terrible teams that really add to the loss column like the 2-14 Lions

Just a little bit of number crunching. It obviously isn't a predictor of what will happen next year because the Dolphins have gotten miles and miles better already, and other teams have also obviously changed. So, don't lose heart Dolphins fans, because anything can still happen on any given Sunday.

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6 Miami Dolphins Players Who You Should Draft in Fantasy Football

Here is a list of players on the Miami Dolphins you will want on your fantasy football team next year.

1. Dan Carpenter - Dan Carpenter is a great kicker who is very consistent. Proof of that is him making the Pro Bowl last year. He rarely missed kicks last year and averaged almost two field goals made per game last year. He made 25 out of 28 field goals last season.

Carpenter also made every single one of his extra point kicks except for one that was blocked. He made 37 extra pointers last season.

If you are looking for a solid late-round pick, then Carpenter would be a very smart idea.

2. Brandon Marshall - Brandon Marshall will change the entire Miami Dolphins offense next year. Adding him was the best thing the Dolphins could do, for their organization and for you if you draft him.

Marshall has gotten over one hundred catches in the last two seasons and expect the Dolphins to pass to him heavily because he is finally the big time receiver they have been searching for.

Definitely go after him in the first round because he is a very talented player and anyone who knows about fantasy football knows about Brandon Marshall. He was explosive last year, and he will be again this year.

3. Ronnie Brown - Brandon Marshall will change the entire Miami Dolphins offense next year. Adding him was the best thing the Dolphins could do, for their organization and for you if you draft him.

Marshall has gotten over one hundred catches in the last two seasons and expect the Dolphins to pass to him heavily because he is finally the big time receiver they have been searching for.

Definitely go after him in the first round because he is a very talented player and anyone who knows about fantasy football knows about Brandon Marshall. He was explosive last year, and he will be again this year.

4. Ricky Williams - Some people may not agree with this pick because Ricky is a second string running back on a team that will probably be a pass-first offense next year.

But, he is still worth it. If Ronnie Brown is injured, which is a very likely event, then Ricky can step in and run. He did it last year and had a really great second half of the season.

Also, you know the Dolphins will use Ricky a lot even if Brown is healthy just because that is how they operate. Trust me, Ricky will be worth the pick. Look for him late in your draft and be sure to pick him up.

5. Chad Henne - Chad Henne is a QB that most fantasy players will overlook. That will be a mistake on their part that you can capitalize on. Henne now has all of the weapons he needs for a break-out season.

He will probably be available later in the draft, so be sure to pick him up as your backup QB. He will be a great choice, because of all of the tools he now has at his disposal.

6. Davone Bess - A lot of people probably won't agree with this, but trust me. Bess got a lot of catches last year, and he will get even more this year.

Defenses will be so distracted trying to cover Marshall that Bess will be open a lot. And, you can be confident that he will catch is because Bess rarely drops passes.

Bess will be available late in your draft, so be sure to spend a late pick on him. He will be a very consistent player next year.

A lot of these players will be available for you to pick up, unless you are playing with other Dolphins fans. Then, you want to make sure you pick them up before other Miami fans, because you know they will be looking for these same players, too.

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Koa Misi Highlights (look for #41)

He was number #41 and plays OLB to the left of the QB most of the time, I believe. Just look for him and you can see his talent.

Dolphin Shout: Koa Misi, Miami Dolphins LB

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I have been hearing a lot in the past few days about Koa Misi, a OLB that the Miami Dolphins drafted in the second round of the NFL draft. Misi has been getting a lot of different coverage during the rookie workouts this year, so I figured I would try and cover him, too.

His number is 55, so the comparisons between him and Joey Porter are to be expected, but they are practically polar opposites off of the field. Porter was always very talkative to the media and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Misi is apparently very different. He doesn't seem to like to talk to the media very much and is very quiet and laid back.

Thankfully, he isn't timid on the field. He is very aggressive and is a hard worker. That is great because an athlete who focuses only on football and not the media is always a good thing. Sure, a football player who likes to talk to the media is more interesting, but I would take a team full of hard working, media-hating players over a bunch of players who are always saying something to the media.

I believe that the Dolphins drafted Misi because Jason Taylor left. Miami was probably going to see if Taylor accepted the Jets offer, and if he didn't then I believe that the Dolphins would not have drafted Misi and spent the pick elsewhere. But, he did choose to go to the enemy so Miami was able to draft Misi.

I am kind of glad the way things worked out, though, because Misi is a great, hard working talent who has a lot of potential. I was also watching some highlights of him and noticed that he will sometimes line up on the line of scrimmage, which further proves that he is perfect for Miami's defense because they will be adding another linebacker to the defensive line periodically next season.

One thing is for sure. Koa Misi is a tough kid that Dolphins fans should be glad we drafted.

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What'll It Be: Will The Miami Dolphins Run Or Pass More Next Season?

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Now that the Dolphins added Brandon Marshall to beef up the Dolphins passing game, my question is: Will they become a dominantly passing offense, running offense, or a little bit of both?

I know that last year Miami was dominantly a running team, but that was only because of a lack of much of a passing game. Now that we have Marshall, it changes the entire dynamic of the team. Before, teams would line up extra defenders on the defensive line to try and stop Miami's running attack.

Now, defenses will have to move defenders back and cover the passing game more. This may free up more of the running game, but I still think Miami will pass a lot more because Brandon Marshall is a talent that you just cannot ignore. That is why I believe they will be a pass-first team.

If Miami doesn't pass more than they run I believe it would be a huge mistake. They are paying Brandon Marshall a record contract, so they should try and get every single reception out of him that they can, which is a lot.

He is like a ShamWow. Other NFL receivers are just paper towels. Marshall keeps on soaking up more and more catches, where the average NFL wide receiver doesn't soak up near as many. And, while he can't catch 12x times his weight in footballs, he can still catch a heck of a lot of them. He has gotten over 100 catches in the last two seasons, and I believe he will have another 100+ reception season.

Also, with defenses focusing more on Marshall, other Dolphin receivers will be more open. Miami is full of possession receivers, so you know that if they are open and Henne throws it to them they will catch the ball. So whenever Chad Henne drops back to pass the ball he can throw it to Brandon Marshall, or if Marshall is shut down by double coverage then Henne can just dump it off to another receiver who will be wide open for a first down.

Mix in a little run play every once in a while to keep defenses honest, and you are talking about a very dangerous offense. It will be able to take anything defenses throw at it, and that includes the Jets. Sorry New York, but all of that time and money you spent beefing up your defense will be useless when you come to Miami.

So, you heard it here first. The Dolphins will be a pass-first offense next year. And, I would suggest picking Marshall up in the first round of your fantasy draft next year because he is going to have a special season.

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And, for those of you who want to know how many footballs would be 12x Brandon Marshalls weight here is some math for you:

Brandon Marshall weighs 230 pounds.

1 NFL size football weighs a little less than 1 pound, but we will round up just to make things easier.

230 pounds x 12 = 2,760 pounds or 2,760 footballs

I wish he could catch that many footballs in a season, but I guess I can live with over 100 a year.

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Thanks to: - for his weight - for Shamwow - for the weight of a football (I know, I know I'm not supposed to use Wikipedia) - because I'm too tired to do math right now

Who Will Replace WR Tedd Ginn As The Miami Dolphins Return Man?

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Now that Ted Ginn Jr. is finally gone, there is one aspect that we will actually miss him on. That is being a return man for the Miami Dolphins special teams.

Ginn scored two touchdowns back-to-back against the New York Jets last season, and was the main reason Miami won that game. And, while that one game he helped us win doesn't outweigh all of the games he helped us lose, his departure has still hurt the Dolphins special teams.

I know that Davone Bess is a pretty good returner, but I believe that he is starting to become a really good receiver and I don't know if it is worth risking injuring him during a return.

Patrick Cobbs is an option that Miami could use to return, because he is a back-up running back and wouldn't be needed much for his running back talent. He has been a consistent kick returner, but has never returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

The Dolphins recently signed undrafted WR Marlon Moore, who could be a potential returner. But, my favorite undrafted player added to the Dolphins was CB A.J. Wallace has a better resume at returning kicks than Moore and is really fast. I believe Wallace will have a shot at returning because we don't really need him as a corner back.

Another player to look for who has a shot at returning kicks next year is Davone Bess' college teammate Ryan Grice-Mullen. Grice-Mullen is very quick and also has a chance to return next year.

I know there are a lot of different players to consider, but I think that is a good problem to have. Hopefully Miami can have a dynamic returner next year that will do what Ginn was able to.

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Anthony Fasano Comparison

Here is a comparison between Anthony Fasano two seasons ago and Anthony Fasano last season:

2008-2009 Season: 454 yards
2009-2010 Season: 339

Average Yards Per Reception
2008-2009 Season: 13.4 yards
2009-2010 Season: 10.9 yards

2008-2009 Season: 0
2009-2010 Season: 2

2008-2009 Season: 7
2009-2010 Season: 2

As you can see, Fasano was much better two years ago than last year. It will be interesting to see how the Dolphins will handle their TE situation.

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Fasano Report: The Status of Miami Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano

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I don't know if anyone remembers how well Anthony Fasano did two seasons ago during the Dolphins miraculous turn-around season, but I sure do. Fasano was a big part of the Dolphins success and they could always count on Fasano to catch. But, as for last season, not so much.

Fasano was not very good at all last year. He caught almost the same amount of receptions, but he didn't have near as many yards and he had two costly fumbles in Week 1 of the season. His touchdowns were the worst part of all, though. He did not have near as many as two seasons ago.

What I'm wondering is: will Fasano still be the starter next year?

In today's NFL the tight end position is becoming a more important position. Quarterbacks want to be able to rely on their tight end to be a consistent catcher and also scorer. The NFL is a pass first league, and because of that the tight end position is becoming more and more important.

So, if the Dolphins want to develop into more of a passing offense, which they obviously do because they got Brandon Marshall, they need to get a consistent tight end. I'm not sure if Fasano is a consistent tight end anymore.

Miami Head Coach Tony Sparano has shown confidence in the tight ends that the Dolphins have now, and Miami might actually have a great performing TE next year, but don't be surprised if that TE isn't Anthony Fasano. You heard it here first.

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