Bill Parcells: What difference has the Tuna made?

I have heard a lot about people not liking the "trifecta" of the Miami Dolphins. One of the trifecta is Bill Parcells, and there are mixed emotions about him.

I think he is a key part in the Dolphins turnaround. Wherever Parcells goes success follows, and I think there is a reason for that. Parcells does what it takes to win, and he doesn't care about tradition or heritage, which is evidenced by how Miami handled the Jason Taylor situation.

I personally don't mind him doing whatever it takes to win. I understand that Taylor had a long history with the Dolphins, but if he wouldn't have helped the team enough then I am fine with him being released as long as we keep winning.

So, the jury is out still. If we can win then it is fine for me if we ignore heritage.

Let me know, what do you guys think? Let me know with your comments.


  1. Tough to get fans to comment here, COME ON PEOPLE !!! Help a dude out...

    So you want to hear my crazyness, boy you have balls. :))

    I'm not sure how much Parcells has put his stamp on the team until this year. Oh yea some of the things have had his name on it. Like the size requirements bigger stronger stuff, and the chosing of Sparano and Ireland. After those moves I think he stepped out of the way, until this year.

    Tossing JT was his choice as it was when he first stepped in canning JT and ZT. Bringing JT back was an Ireland thing. Same thing goes with Smilley, Willford, Wilson, Grove. some of which has worked out and others that did not. Those moves I think have been Irelands.

    I think Parcells has allowed Ireland a free reign until this year. The treatment of JT, the signings of Dansby, and Marshall. That is Parcells. Whether we like it or not.

    For those fans that don't like the way ZT and JT were treated I ask this. Did you like all the losing ? Did you like the way the Dolphins were the laughing stock of the NFL for the past 10 years ? This is what it takes to turn a team around, like it or not.

    For myself I like it, and it was needed. We were never going to be respectable until we got NFL people down here. We have that now, but I wouldn't start loving on any of the players we have. They won't be here for long judging from the recent past.

  2. I agree. Parcells does what it takes to win and I like winning with whoever it takes.

    If you are right, then I am super thankful that Parcells came because of Marshall. Marshall was the best move anyone on the Dolphins could have made.