Chad Henne Is An Incredible Value For The Miami Dolphins

I saw an article recently that said JaMarcuss Russell was being paid $100,000 per completion when you take his total salary and divide it by how many completions he had. That is an absolutely horrible amount of money to be paying a player that is that bad.

Thankfully Miami Dolphins fans, we don't have to worry about that. Chad Henne gets paid a lot less, and still gets a lot of completions.

According to Chad Henne's salary is $950,340. You can probably guess that he is payed less than Russell per completion because you know he got more than 9.5 completions as a starter last year.

In the 2009-2010 season Henne had 274 completions. If you do the math it comes out to $3,468 per completion.

That may seem like a lot, but not for an NFL quarterback.

To put that into perspective lets compare Henne's salary and completions to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

According to, Sanchez's salary was $2,545,000. Also, the site shows his future salaries, and they are all $8 million or higher for the rest of Sanchez's contract. So, as you can see, Sanchez is and will be a very generously payed athlete.

Sanchez had 196 completions in 2009-2010. When you divide $2,545,000 by 196 completions you get $12,984. That is almost four times what Henne was paid per completion.

Now, Chad Henne's salary is likely to go up. The better he performs, the more he will get paid. I am hoping Henne will have a break out season next year which would most likely raise his salary by a lot, but we will see what happens.

As long as he is better than his Jets counterpart, I am happy. Sorry New York, it just seems like the Dolphins will always be better than you.

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