Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez?

I was wondering who you guys think is the better QB: Chad Henne or Mark Sanchez?

Try not to be biased and look at it like a non Dolphins or Jets fan.

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  1. An unbiased look ? OK you asked for it..

    Look at like this. You went out and bought 2 puppy's from a pet store and neither one of them have been house trained. Which one will learn first ?

    Shoot I thought PW was going to be a great addition to us, and you want me to answer that ? :)) No can do Paul.

  2. Fine fine, you can be biased. Notice how I didn't say anything because i would have been biased.

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  4. Look Paul someone else !! Woo Hoo !!! :))

    OK Henne is the type of QB that I like big strong guy that stands in the pocket and fires passes like he has a laser gun on his arm. Unfortunitly he hasn't learned to control it yet. He needs touch on those short passes such as the screens passes and his long passes seem to off target most of the time.

    Henne seems to handle the pressure in the pocket very well, but needs to cut down on the pics. I don't think we have seen Henne play with all the pieces in place yet. When that happens we will then see what he can really do.

    Sanchez had his full team with few injuries in place last year. So I think we have seen what he can do already.

    Henne with a failing running game, and a awful defense was still better than DIRTY last year. With Marshall added and another year under Hartlines belt the improved WRs will really help. Henne doesn't have to carry the team as he did last year. The offense really improved from last year. I don't think Ronnie will be full strengh until week 4 or later, but a fresh Ricky will be able to carry the load in the early going.

    The early schedule is brutal next year and because of that I don't see us making the playoffs. But I wouldn't want to be playing the Dolphins later in the year. I think it's going to take about 10 - 12 games to get this defense up to speed this year. Once the defense gets there this team is going to be good, real good.

    Henne will get the job done, and that's all we need out of him.

  5. Chad Henne has the stronger arm and plenty of ability. He went later in the draft because he chose to stay and try to help his college team win for another year - lost some of his draft pull. Mark Sanchez is smart and has very strong charisma with his team; he will be a long-term Jets leader for that reason. As a passer, Henne could be the better of the two provided he gains some "touch" on the ball this year (some of his shots were too much like cannon-balls and not easily catchable). Henne is a good leader also and has a strong running game to fall back-on.

    I didn't feel the changes at Running Back for the Jets gave them a better situation and they now have an untried backfield (players new to the Jets, although outstanding on previous teams). The chemistry of a team is so important and just having players-for-hire does not = winning season, let alone Superbowl.

    Completely underestimated everywhere I look (except by Miami Dolphins fans and columnists) is the impact of a new Defensive Coordinator in Miami. That will change the equation so that Chad Henne is not under pressure to the same degree anymore. With the supporting cast and his strong arm, Chad Henne wins as the better quarterback. Mark Sanchez needs to settle-into a system that is consistent and not a Coach Ryan one that has many constant changes and no real QB coaching. And one of the biggest factors: Miami will play in a warm-weather stadium. The Jets will have to travel down to Miami and play as visitors to get that perk. As well, Mark Sanchez is recovering from an injury - nobody even talks about that! Put your money on Chad Henne.