Dolphin Shout: Koa Misi, Miami Dolphins LB

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I have been hearing a lot in the past few days about Koa Misi, a OLB that the Miami Dolphins drafted in the second round of the NFL draft. Misi has been getting a lot of different coverage during the rookie workouts this year, so I figured I would try and cover him, too.

His number is 55, so the comparisons between him and Joey Porter are to be expected, but they are practically polar opposites off of the field. Porter was always very talkative to the media and wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Misi is apparently very different. He doesn't seem to like to talk to the media very much and is very quiet and laid back.

Thankfully, he isn't timid on the field. He is very aggressive and is a hard worker. That is great because an athlete who focuses only on football and not the media is always a good thing. Sure, a football player who likes to talk to the media is more interesting, but I would take a team full of hard working, media-hating players over a bunch of players who are always saying something to the media.

I believe that the Dolphins drafted Misi because Jason Taylor left. Miami was probably going to see if Taylor accepted the Jets offer, and if he didn't then I believe that the Dolphins would not have drafted Misi and spent the pick elsewhere. But, he did choose to go to the enemy so Miami was able to draft Misi.

I am kind of glad the way things worked out, though, because Misi is a great, hard working talent who has a lot of potential. I was also watching some highlights of him and noticed that he will sometimes line up on the line of scrimmage, which further proves that he is perfect for Miami's defense because they will be adding another linebacker to the defensive line periodically next season.

One thing is for sure. Koa Misi is a tough kid that Dolphins fans should be glad we drafted.

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