Fasano Report: The Status of Miami Dolphins TE Anthony Fasano

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I don't know if anyone remembers how well Anthony Fasano did two seasons ago during the Dolphins miraculous turn-around season, but I sure do. Fasano was a big part of the Dolphins success and they could always count on Fasano to catch. But, as for last season, not so much.

Fasano was not very good at all last year. He caught almost the same amount of receptions, but he didn't have near as many yards and he had two costly fumbles in Week 1 of the season. His touchdowns were the worst part of all, though. He did not have near as many as two seasons ago.

What I'm wondering is: will Fasano still be the starter next year?

In today's NFL the tight end position is becoming a more important position. Quarterbacks want to be able to rely on their tight end to be a consistent catcher and also scorer. The NFL is a pass first league, and because of that the tight end position is becoming more and more important.

So, if the Dolphins want to develop into more of a passing offense, which they obviously do because they got Brandon Marshall, they need to get a consistent tight end. I'm not sure if Fasano is a consistent tight end anymore.

Miami Head Coach Tony Sparano has shown confidence in the tight ends that the Dolphins have now, and Miami might actually have a great performing TE next year, but don't be surprised if that TE isn't Anthony Fasano. You heard it here first.

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