Fate Unknown: Will the Miami Dolphins Keep QB Pat White?

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A recent article got me thinking: will the Miami Dolphins keep Pat White?

Think about it. The Dolphins have four quarterbacks on the roster.

Chad Henne, Chad Pennington, Tyler Thigpen, and Pat White

I am wondering if Miami will keep four quarterbacks or if they will cut one in order to make more room for another position. If they did that, then would Pat White be the odd man out?

I don't think he will simply because he adds another dimension to the offense. He was a great quarterback in college, and I think he will be able to develop into a great NFL quarterback if the Dolphins need him to.

At this moment Miami doesn't need to worry about the QB spot, but you never know what could happen so it is always good to have depth at the position. So, while it may not seem like an immediate need for the Dolphins it is still important to pay attention to.

I think Miami should stay young in the quarterback spot. The Dolphins should go with youth and keep Henne, Thigpen, and White. Henne and White are both under 25 years old, and Thigpen is only 26. Pennington is 33 and I don't believe he is worth keeping as a QB. Maybe Miami could sign him as some type of coach because that is probably the only thing he will be needed for next year.

I just don't see how the Dolphins could keep Pennington as a QB and not White. Pennington is very injury-prone, old, and has a weak arm. White shows a lot of potential, is young, and has a decent arm to go with his great running skills.

Think about it, why would you keep an old quarterback who won't play on a roster to teach younger quarterbacks when you could just hire him as a coach. You could make up a name for the position like assistant quarterback coach. It doesn't really matter because he would be doing the same thing either way. I think we would be able to clear up a spot on the roster by doing that to keep Pat White.

Just and idea.

Please check out my blog for unique content here: Miami Dolphins Blog

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