Good Kitty, Bad Kitty: Will The Miami Dolphins Run The Wildcat Offense Next Year?

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Everyone knows about the wildcat offense that the Miami Dolphins revealed two seasons ago and have been using effectively ever since. What I'm wondering is will the Dolphins run the wildcat next year?

I pose the question because, while it was a very successful offensive formation for the Dolphins, a lot of the time Miami had to run it because they didn't have much of a passing offense. Well, now that they have Brandon Marshall and a more valid passing offense I'm not sure whether the wildcat will be necessary next year.

Think about it, the Dolphins unveiled the wildcat offense in the 2008-2009 season against the New England Patriots when Chad Pennington was the quarterback. Pennington never had a strong arm, so the Dolphins could not rely on him to carry the team. So, why not put more of the load on Miami's capable running backs.

Now, the Dolphins have Chad Henne who has a much stronger arm. Yes, the Dolphins ran the wildcat a lot last year, but that was to help Henne by not forcing him to take on a huge amount of responsibility when Pennington was injured. Now, Henne is a more experienced and capable QB with a star WR at his disposal. If the Dolphins fail to utilize him as much as possible and continue to run the wildcat a lot then they are just wasting talent and the record amount of money they are using to pay Brandon Marshall.

I would not be surprised if we see the wildcat run a little bit during the season just to mix things up and keep defenses on their toes, but the Dolphins need to start passing more. The NFL is becoming a pass first league and the Dolphins need to keep up with that.

Running the football is like using a pick-axe on a mountain, where passing the football is like using a machine drill to drill through a mountain. Both will work, but one works a lot faster.

I know some fans may not support taking the ball away from one of the best running games in the NFL, but it will be worth it when we have one of the best passing offenses next year.

Be thankful that we were able to squeeze all we could out of the wildcat offense in the two years we could use it. It was able to bring us some great memories and big wins. Think New York Jets Week 5 with :10 seconds left.

So, it has given us great memories but it is time to move on.

Trust me, you will like the new offense.

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