Have the Miami Dolphins Become a "Thug" Team?

Nobody wants their favorite team's players to be arrested, and especially not multiple players in the same offseason.

Well, that is what has happened to the Miami Dolphins this offseason. The most recent was Phillip Merling who was arrested for hitting a pregnant woman.

I am wondering if you guys think the Miami Dolphins are becoming a thug team.

I know that you may not think that they are but think about this:

Multiple players have been arrested this season and the Dolphins also signed Richie Incognito, who isn't exactly a nice player to play against. They have shown a couple of times that they don't care about fan favorites.

I am not saying that they are thugs, it is just something to think about. I personally am fine overall with the Dolphins right now, with the exception of Phillip Merling. Never in my life could I support somebody who hit a woman, especially a pregnant one. I would be happier if Miami releases him. Nevermind that he could have possibly been starting. He is someone that I do not want to root for.

I also do not support the DUI's, but as long as they can learn from their mistakes then I am ok with it. If any one of the players who got a DUI has another run-in with the law, though, I would want them out of Miami.

Let me know what you guys think.

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1 comment:

  1. I don't think they are a team of thugs. Although they have had a few dimwit moments in the last few years. The DUIs are proof enough of that. It's hard to believe players that make that amount of money don't have a person with them when they go out to a nightclub or a bar.

    But then again, few of us do that ourselves. As for Merling. If he did as what was charged in the complaint he is pretty much a useless excuse for a man and should be treated as such. USELESS...