Miami Dolphins Long Term, or New York Jets Short Term? You Decide

I figured I should throw this one out there.

I have heard a lot about the Jets going for the Super Bowl this year. They have signed a lot of veterans that they will hope will make an immediate impact.

So, I was thinking about the state of the Miami Dolphins organization and comparing it to the New York Jets organization.

Basically, you can say the Jets are going for the short-term success and the Dolphins are going for the long-term success.

With New York signing the veterans they have so far, they have basically set their sights at the Super Bowl and anything less for them will be a disappointment.

While it would be exciting for Jets fans because they can look forward to Super Bowl chances immediately, I would rather be on Miami's wagon.

The Miami Dolphins have been, basically, building the foundations for a successful franchise for years to come. A franchise that will be playoff contenders season after season. Sure, they have a shot at winning the Super Bowl next year, but the important thing is that they will have a strong shot at winning the big game every year.

So, it comes down to short-term or long-term?

Which would you rather?

I would much rather being a contender for years to come in the NFL instead of having a shot for one or two years.

And, because the Miami Dolphins are building such a strong foundation here is a prediction from me:

The Miami Dolphins WILL win a Super Bowl within the next five seasons.

You heard it here first everybody. Let me know what you think with your comments or emails.

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1 comment:

  1. Paul I like the direction the Dolphins are going in. We have proven to ourselves a few times in the past two decades that filling a team with big name FAs that old and worn out doesn't work. Shula did that trying to get Marino a chance for a ring, and then Wanny went down the same road.

    The trifecta have ventured down that road also, but they are willing to cut their losses if it doesn't work. We didn't do that in the past, and draft picks for this FO staff is a premium.

    If that mentality stays in place good things are in the future for this team. As for the Jets I really don't care about what they do. They look good on paper, but so does George Washington. Both of them are dressed in green, but only one of them are of any use.