Miami Dolphins Shout Out: Greg Camarillo, WR

Please check out my Miami Dolphins blog for a video of Greg Camarillo's leg catch against the Atlanta Falcons last year. The video is here: Miami Dolphins Blog

I know that Greg Camarillo isn't the best WR on the Miami Dolphins, but that doesn't mean he can't be my favorite player on the Dolphins offense.

Camarillo is definitely a possession receiver. He had 50 receptions last year and 500+ yards, but not a single touchdown. Argue all you want, but if a receiver doesn't get touchdowns he will never be a superstar.

And, I don't think that is what Camarillo wants.

Camarillo has been with the team for three years going into a fourth. He has only scored 4 touchdowns in his NFL career, but he has had fifty receptions or more in his last two seasons. He has developed into a sure-handed receiver who you can be confident will catch the ball.

I remember the 2007-2008 season when Camarillo caught the pass across the middle and broke away for a huge touchdown against the Ravens in overtime. That was the Dolphins only win that season, and that was probably the only thing from that season that I am happy to remember.

Camarillo was also doing great in 2008-2009 before he was injured near the middle of the season.

Another play I remember by Camarillo was when I went to the game against the Atlanta Falcons last season in Atlanta. Camarillo was probably the only good thing that happened to the Dolphins that game when he made an interesting catch with his legs. I honestly don't remember how he did that catch, so I will post a video of it in a little while for you guys, but also myself.

Anyways, Greg Camarillo isn't the most glamorous receiver and definitely doesn't put up the best numbers, but I like him because he does the dirty work and has always been the gleam on an otherwise dirty van that was the Miami Dolphins at one time or another (the Dolphins are obviously not a dirty van anymore).

Greg Camarillo is my favorite offensive player on the Miami Dolphins and I hope he stays in Miami his entire career.

Please check out my blog. I have posted a video of Greg Camarillo's leg catch. Go here: Dolphin Shout

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