The Miami Dolphins Will Pass More Aggressively Because of Brandon Marshall

Thank you to Chris G. for this question after my request for things to write about. Chris' question was:

"Do you think the Dolphins will pass more aggressively and let down a little bit on the run game because of Brandon Marshall?"

I believe that yes, the Miami Dolphins will be more aggressive in the passing game this year. Brandon Marshall is too much of a threat to run the same type of offense as we did last year.

BUT, don't expect Chad Henne to be airing it out every time he passes. The Dolphins still have a very talented possession receivers like Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo. You can count on them getting a lot of catches along with Marshall, and Bess and Camarillo don't normally get very big gains when they catch the ball.

Also, you can still expect the Dolphins to run the ball pretty frequently. Miami has a bunch of talent at the running back position, and it would be a big waste to not use that talent.

So, while I would love to see the Dolphins to throw the ball long all of the time, I know it won't happen. Miami's offense is way too loaded to have to rely on just one person.

Be thankful that the Dolphins don't have to be excessively aggressive in just the passing game. When Miami is able to mix up different plays and use different players, it can keep defenses on their toes and enable the Dolphins to trick them and have big plays.

Thanks for the question Chris, and keep the questions coming everyone!

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  1. Chris I don't see Miami throwing any more than needed. The offensive coaches have not changed. So I think we'll stay a balanced team. What we may see is better production, or least I hope we see that. It's going to be risky if teams want to stack the line this year to stop the run. If Henne is worth a hoot this is going to be a dynamic team at least on the offensive side of the ball.

    Keeping the ball away from the other teams offense will be the goal of the team. Based on last years defensive performance. I don't think Sprarano wants them on the field anymore than what is needed. So the team will depend on the running game as much as possible.