Week 5 Miami Dolphins Beat New York Jets

The video is the last two minutes of the game, so enjoy.


  1. OK, I had to comment on this one. Thanks for reminding me what an awesome night this was!!

    I've been a Dolphins fan since the early 80's, living in Bermuda, never been to a live game. Through Facebook I found the buddy I hadn't seen in 20 years who got me into the Phins as a kid and gave me this life long love affair. Turns out he's still just as much a Phinatic as I am and I decide I'm finally gonna go to Miami to watch my first live game.

    And this was the game I picked - kind of a no brainer, the hated Jests on MNF! Couldn't have scripted it any better than that. This night ranks up in the top 5 moments of my life after my wedding day and being in Canton to see Danny get inducted.

    Will never forget this one, and never get tired of watching the highlights...

  2. For a football fan there is nothing like going to your first game. The first game I went to was Super Bowl III Jets/Colts in the Orange Bowl. Yes I was there, it is no lie. We had sideline seats at about the 5 yard line row 22 lower deck closed end of the field Colts side.

    I wish I remembered more of the game than what I do. I was 17 or 18 at the time. 2 years later and I had Dolphin season tickets and held them for the next 6 years until we moved out of the area. I still live in FL. about 100 miles away, and follow the Dolphins like some people follow their God :)

  3. This has to be one of the greatest games of my life. I watched it three times in a row because I enjoyed it so much.

    Football can leave you with some pretty great memories.

  4. All

    There is charter boat captain that runs a guide service out of the Vero Beach area. He has a saying when he closes out giving his weekly fishing reports.

    The phrase he uses is : Go out catch yourself a memory..
    I think that sums up the feeling I have when ever I get to see a game.

    There is just something about beating the Jets that leaves me with the same feelings when latching on to big snook. Both of them leave a great memory :))

  5. Agreed Riverdog. Down with the jets