Well Miami Dolphins Fans, sorry about the inactivity. Here's a youtube video to make it up to you

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I've only posted once in my obviously award winning Miami Dolphins blog. three days.

I promised myself that I would post every day, but I was sick with symptoms of the flu and I am finally better now. I would have posted and had an idea for a post but I was too weak to even lift up my arm to my laptop. Expect a post or two within the next 24 hours.

While you wait I thought you would want to check out this video. It made me laugh so hard it took a day off of the time I was sick (not really).

Most of you will probably not laugh that much but to a sick person like me who has hardly seen the sun these last few days it was hillarious.

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  1. Yes you have a fever, go see a Doctor. :)) Dancing Bear wasn't he on Captain Kangaroo years ago ? Oh my I'm getting old. :((

  2. Haha, I sweated out the fever doing the moonwalk with the bear.