What'll It Be: Will The Miami Dolphins Run Or Pass More Next Season?

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Now that the Dolphins added Brandon Marshall to beef up the Dolphins passing game, my question is: Will they become a dominantly passing offense, running offense, or a little bit of both?

I know that last year Miami was dominantly a running team, but that was only because of a lack of much of a passing game. Now that we have Marshall, it changes the entire dynamic of the team. Before, teams would line up extra defenders on the defensive line to try and stop Miami's running attack.

Now, defenses will have to move defenders back and cover the passing game more. This may free up more of the running game, but I still think Miami will pass a lot more because Brandon Marshall is a talent that you just cannot ignore. That is why I believe they will be a pass-first team.

If Miami doesn't pass more than they run I believe it would be a huge mistake. They are paying Brandon Marshall a record contract, so they should try and get every single reception out of him that they can, which is a lot.

He is like a ShamWow. Other NFL receivers are just paper towels. Marshall keeps on soaking up more and more catches, where the average NFL wide receiver doesn't soak up near as many. And, while he can't catch 12x times his weight in footballs, he can still catch a heck of a lot of them. He has gotten over 100 catches in the last two seasons, and I believe he will have another 100+ reception season.

Also, with defenses focusing more on Marshall, other Dolphin receivers will be more open. Miami is full of possession receivers, so you know that if they are open and Henne throws it to them they will catch the ball. So whenever Chad Henne drops back to pass the ball he can throw it to Brandon Marshall, or if Marshall is shut down by double coverage then Henne can just dump it off to another receiver who will be wide open for a first down.

Mix in a little run play every once in a while to keep defenses honest, and you are talking about a very dangerous offense. It will be able to take anything defenses throw at it, and that includes the Jets. Sorry New York, but all of that time and money you spent beefing up your defense will be useless when you come to Miami.

So, you heard it here first. The Dolphins will be a pass-first offense next year. And, I would suggest picking Marshall up in the first round of your fantasy draft next year because he is going to have a special season.

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And, for those of you who want to know how many footballs would be 12x Brandon Marshalls weight here is some math for you:

Brandon Marshall weighs 230 pounds.

1 NFL size football weighs a little less than 1 pound, but we will round up just to make things easier.

230 pounds x 12 = 2,760 pounds or 2,760 footballs

I wish he could catch that many footballs in a season, but I guess I can live with over 100 a year.

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  1. Marshall opens up the whole offense. I don't see them changing that much really. Why would they not use Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams ? I see a balanced attack because of what you said about teams not being able load the box.

    Besides do we really want to see our defense on the field if we can help it ? I don't think so !! At this time the only thing we sure about is Mashall is the real deal. We can't say that about the defense. Yes they should be improved, but they were really bad last year. If we can keep them off the field it would be a good idea to do so.

  2. I think we can trust our defense enough. As long as Marshall keeps scoring we are fine.