Which Miami Dolphins Game Should I Get Tickets To?

I live in SC, and I was wondering what Miami Dolphins game you guys thought I should go to? It does not have to be in Miami either.

It doesn't really matter where the game is because I would fly there. Preferably not the Raiders game, but I don't think people would have reccommended going there anyways.

I was thinking about flying up to see the Jets game. It would be fun to go against the home crowd, and hopefully see them beat the Jets.

I also was considering going to the Bills game at Miami. That would be a likely win, so I figured why not go see that one.

But, I'm not sure yet which one, so I am up to suggestions. Please leave me some comments, and I will see what you guys say.

Thanks in advance!

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Victor said...

I live in San Jose Ca and I'm going to the Raiders Game with my 2 year old son. My son will wear his Marshall and I will wear my Chad Henne Jersey or vise versa. Hard Core Dolphin Fan since 81. That's my vote!

Paul S. said...

Well, you're lucky. Every game that Miami plays at is a minimum of 9 hours driving from me. Take advantage of those local games as much as possible, because there aren't many times that Miami goes to the west coast, I think.