Which Miami Dolphins WR Will Start Along With Brandon Marshall?

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Last year the Dolphins had a lot of possession receivers that could catch pretty much any ball. Now the Dolphins have a star wide receiver in Brandon Marshall. Marshall is a huge play maker that fills a hole Miami has had for years. Now, I am wondering who will be the other WR that starts with Brandon Marshall.

First, I know that there are 3 WR sets on offense that the Dolphins run, but I am wondering who will be the other WR if Miami is running a play with only two receivers in at a time. Basically, I am wondering who is the second best receiver on the Miami Dolphins receiving corps.

There are three main candidates that I can see starting with Marshall. They are either Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, and Brian Hartline.

Each of these receivers has their own specialties that make them worthy of starting. My personal favorite receiver is Greg Camarillo, but I believe he has the least chance of starting. If the ball is thrown well to Camarillo you know he will be able to catch it, he just doesn't get a lot of yards when he does catch it. Last year Camarillo had 50 catches for 552 yards receiving. So, despite him being my favorite receiver, I will take him off of the list now.

That leaves either Davone Bess or Brian Hartline. Bess definitely specializes in possession receiving more than Hartline and Hartline is more of a big play receiver than Bess. Bess had 76 receptions for 758 yards which is around 10 yards per catch. Hartline had 31 receptions for 506 yards which is just over 16 yards per catch.

So, in order to answer the above question we need to know what type of WR Miami is looking for. In the last two years Miami has definitely put more attention and emphasis on shorter passes. We already know Brandon Marshall will be able to make big plays, but we don't know whether the Dolphins want another big play receiver or a possession receiver.

I think that the Dolphins will choose Bess, simply because of the fact that Marshall is already the deep threat that Miami needs. I think that the Dolphins will want to have a receiver continuing on the shorter routes like they have had the last two years. If they keep Bess in it will add another dimension to Miami's offense.

Just look at how much each player was thrown to last season. That is a pretty good indicator of who got more playing time. Bess had more than twice the amount of receptions that Hartline did. That showed that the Dolphins liked passing to Bess more often. That could possibly mean that they like passing to Bess more, which would make him a likely candidate to start.

Now with all of that said, I understand anything can happen from now until the season starts. Each of the three receivers has a chance to start with Marshall, I just think that Bess will have the best shot at it.

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  1. First thing. It's not a big deal who starts, we all know that. What matters is who is in the game in the fourth quarter.

    The only way to compare Bess to Hartline as far who gets the most catches, we have to compare them when they are on the field at the same time. Who made more catches when in that situation.

    I love Bess, for the same reason fans liked what's his name up in NE now. Bess knows how to feel his way to an opening and give the QB a target to throw to. I think he will start at the begining of the year and Hartline will be starting at the end of the year.

  2. Only time will tell. I wouldn't mind either one starting though.

  3. NOTHING against DBess,luvdaguy but
    I think Hartline takes the WR position opp
    BMarshall wk 1,(while DB is the slot guy),perhaps "eventually" as Riverdog said..

    I think BH is tooo smart/athletic to get minimal reps!!

    I'd suggest that once in a while we streak BM & BH deep taking a Safety & CB each,leaving Ronnie 1 on 1 in the flat vs an OLB, DBess vs the nickle corner,or Fasano vs the SOLB, while the ILB's arrives late to wherever the ball ends-up..I'll take any of those gyz in 1 on 1 situation's,and I'll take Bmarshall vs double coverage too!!

    EITHER-WAYY,IFFF REASONABLY HEALTHY no-one's going to look forward to playing OUR FINS!!

    We were 15th in scoring last yr @22.5 w'out BMarshall opening the field for all the others,w'out our #1 RB for a majority of the season, w'a rotating OL due to injuries, w'a 1st yr starting QB who was taken out of the game every time he started to get in a groove for the(PW experiment),and a plethora of turnovers!!!

    I believe we're good for 30 per game avg, ranking 2nd in 09's total pts scored rankings..
    JMHO!!! GOFINS!!!

  4. I hope you are right 13kvFINS, and I do agree that Hartline will get a lot of repetitions. But, I also think that the Dolphins will use Bess a lot this year. That is because Bess is a surehanded receiver.

  5. 13 ? Fang here. What are you doing here ? I was going to call you and let you know about this site. Good to see you found it on your own.

    Paul S is not bad doing this, he just needs some traffic, and that should get him going. See Ya...