Who Will Replace WR Tedd Ginn As The Miami Dolphins Return Man?

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Now that Ted Ginn Jr. is finally gone, there is one aspect that we will actually miss him on. That is being a return man for the Miami Dolphins special teams.

Ginn scored two touchdowns back-to-back against the New York Jets last season, and was the main reason Miami won that game. And, while that one game he helped us win doesn't outweigh all of the games he helped us lose, his departure has still hurt the Dolphins special teams.

I know that Davone Bess is a pretty good returner, but I believe that he is starting to become a really good receiver and I don't know if it is worth risking injuring him during a return.

Patrick Cobbs is an option that Miami could use to return, because he is a back-up running back and wouldn't be needed much for his running back talent. He has been a consistent kick returner, but has never returned a kickoff for a touchdown.

The Dolphins recently signed undrafted WR Marlon Moore, who could be a potential returner. But, my favorite undrafted player added to the Dolphins was CB A.J. Wallace has a better resume at returning kicks than Moore and is really fast. I believe Wallace will have a shot at returning because we don't really need him as a corner back.

Another player to look for who has a shot at returning kicks next year is Davone Bess' college teammate Ryan Grice-Mullen. Grice-Mullen is very quick and also has a chance to return next year.

I know there are a lot of different players to consider, but I think that is a good problem to have. Hopefully Miami can have a dynamic returner next year that will do what Ginn was able to.

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