7 Concerns Going Into The Miami Dolphins Training Camp

With training camp a month away, I figured it is never too early to start analyzing things we should be watching during the Miami Dolphins training camp.

Every team has concerns going into training camp, and some teams have more than others. Here are seven of the concerns going into the Miami Dolphins training camp on July 30.

1. The FS Position?

The Dolphins biggest weakness last year was their pass defense. They have improved much of their defense and added a successful defensive coordinator. The only real glaring hole left is the free safety position. There are a few potential players that could be a starting safety. Among those prospects are Reshad Jones, Chris Clemons, and Tyrone Culver. It will be interesting to see if any of them are able to step up during training camp.

2. How Brandon Marshall and Chad Henne Work Together?

I'm not sure how big of a concern this will be, but it should still be thrown out there. Brandon Marshall missed a good bit of the OTA's this offseason. While he probably didn't need the OTA's physically, it still would have been better if he was there so he could work with quarterback Chad Henne. It is important for a quarterback and his receiver to have timing and be able to work together to be successful. Hopefully they will be able to develop that during training camp.

3. How The Tight Ends Will Perform?

Last year was a disappointing one for Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano. He didn't play near as well as he did the previous season when he was one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Fasano will probably do better this year, but we will see how he does during training camp.

4. Who Will Return Kicks?

Now that we lost Ted Ginn Jr, the Dolphins need a new kick return man. Ginn definitely wasn't a consistently good return man and I am glad that he is gone, but I just don't know who can replace him. Hopefully someone can pop up during training camp.

5. Can Karlos Dansby Adequately Replace Joey Porter?

The Dolphins got rid of linebacker Joey Porter this offseason, but they gained linebacker Karlos Dansby to replace him. Porter was a dominant linebacker who was a defensive leader for the Dolphins last year. He was also an emotional leader, and we will see if Dansby is able to match up to him. Hopefully he can be an emotional, as well as physical, leader for the Miami Dolphins defense like Porter.

6. Ronnie Brown

There are two concerns about Brown, but one of them may not even be a problem when training camp actually starts. The first concern is how Brown will be able to come back from his season-ending ankle injury from last season. Brown was very instrumental to the Dolphins success last year, so his health is important. Another concern is his current contract situation. He hasn't signed a deal with the Dolphins yet, and he is apparently looking for a long-term contract. We will see what the Dolphins are willing to do.

7. Leadership

The Dolphins lost a couple of leaders this offseason. There are some potential athletes that could become leaders this year for Miami's offense and defense. It will be interesting to see who can step in when training camp starts. Look for players like Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall to become leaders on offense. Defensively look for at least Karlos Dansby, and we don't know about who else yet.

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