The Current State Of The Miami Dolphins Marshall Plan Is Encouraging

When the Miami Dolphins signed Brandon Marshall this offseason, he was definitely classified as a "diva-receiva".

At first, I was a little bit skeptical. Not too much, but I still wasn't positive how he would be in Miami. Since then, I have been extremely impressed with what he has done.

He hasn't caused any trouble, he always says the right things in interviews, and he has become very, very positive. For example, when he was talking about this year in a recent interview he said this year would be the "biggest year I've ever had."

He only had good things to say about Miami.

That is really encouraging to me. The fact that Brandon Marshall, who is an incredible receiver, can be so positive must mean he see's something good in the organization.

He has even started connecting with the community. He recently ran a camp for kids in Miami that sold out almost instantly. Any time a player is rooted in the community, they are bound to stay for a long time.

A good example is Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat. While there is a possibility that he will join another team during the NBA free agency this year, he will most likely stay in Miami. Part of the reason behind him wanting to stay is his love for the community. If Brandon Marshall can become more connected to the community, he won't want to leave if he gets the chance.

Let's hope things continue to stay encouraging for Marshall this year and years to come. What do you guys think about Marshall since he has entered Miami? Are you encouraged by what he has done?

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