Hypothetical Of Course: How Would The Miami Dolphins Be Without Ronnie Brown?

There has been a minimal amount of talk about Ronnie Brown's contract "issue". While, the chances of Brown not playing for the Miami Dolphins next year is very, very slim, I figure why not pretend like he did.

Think about it, what would the Miami Dolphins be like without Ronnie Brown running the ball.

Brown is the starter for the Dolphins when he is healthy. He is a great running back and is able to make big plays and can, for the most part, carry the Dolphins running game. The thing is, Brown doesn't have to carry the team. He shares his carries with Ricky Williams, so while he is valuable, it can be argued that he isn't essential to the team.

I am not saying that he definitely isn't essential, I'm just saying that it can be argued that he isn't.

His injuries have always been a problem. Even when he shares carries, he still gets injured. A lot of times, players can be injured because they are overworked, but that isn't always the case for Brown. He is just injury-prone. It is as simple as that.

When Brown was out last season because of injury, aging running back Ricky Williams was able to carry the team and perform extremely well.

Williams may not be the long-term answer for the Dolphins, but he is definitely a short-term answer. Although he is 33 years old, he still has a couple of years left in him because he didn't play in the NFL for a couple of seasons. That means that he will be able to play longer than the average NFL player.

Without Brown, the Dolphins would still have a couple of years to find a new running back simply because Williams will last a couple more years. They will have time to find a back, and still be able to be a successful running team.

So, while losing Ronnie Brown isn't something the Dolphins want to do, they would still be able to manage and be successful running the football.

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