Is Miami Dolphins Quarterback Chad Henne Fantasy Football Ready?

With all of this talk about Chad Henne, I started to think about his statistics and whether he is worthy of being a fantasy football player.

Let me start with his statistics from last year. Henne threw for 2,878 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions last season. Those are average statistics for a quarterback, and not what you want from a fantasy quarterback.

But, that was with only 13 games started. If you take the average of yards per game, which is around 221 yards, multiply the average by 3, and add that to his yards from last year you get 3,541 yards.

Basically, if Chad Henne started all 16 games he would have somewhere around 3,541 passing yards.

That is much better, but still not among the best in the league. It is good enough for at least a back-up position on your team, though. And, that is just from last year.

This year will be a lot better for Henne. Among other reasons, he now has a receiver that can make big plays and puts up great numbers. A quarterback can only do so much with possession receivers. Even if they are really good at catching, they won't help your quarterback put up fantasy football-worthy numbers.

In order for a quarterback to be fantasy-worthy, he must have at least one receiver who is also fantasy-worthy. That is exactly what Brandon Marshall is.

All of that being said, I am still not convinced that he is worthy of being a starting fantasy quarterback in a smaller league. If you have a huge league with a lot of different teams, then it would be a different case, but let's assume you are in a smaller league.

Henne still has to prove himself, and I think most people can agree that he can't put up Drew Brees or Peyton Manning numbers yet. So for now, I would pick him up as a back-up quarterback. He should be able to put up at least 4000 passing yards, but the problem is he doesn't throw as many touchdowns, because the Miami Dolphins rushing game gets too many touchdowns.

Would you pick up Henne as a fantasy quarterback? Why or why not? If so, would he be your first or second string quarterback? Let me know with your comments.

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