Looking At Miami Dolphins Madden 11 Player Ratings: The Good And The Bad

The Miami Dolphins player ratings for the upcoming Madden 11 have just recently been released.

As is always the case for Madden games, there are some players that are rated too high or too low..... according to the opinions of the fans. Player ratings are always subject to criticism or praise, even if they are accurate, because they are subject to opinion.

Sometimes the Madden team gets players spot on, and other times they seem to be way off. While it is just a game, millions of people love playing it, so I figured it was relevant to many of my readers.

So now, I will analyze good ratings that were spot-on and were accurate (in my opinion) to the players actual skill level. I will also analyze a few ratings that I didn't agree with and elaborate on them. Read on:

The Good

Brandon Marshall - Marshall was given a 96 overall, which I think is a very fair rating because he is one of the best in the league. Pretty much all of his stats are 90 and higher. There isn't much more to say about this one.

Jake Long - I love Long's overall rating of 96. What the Madden crew really got right is that they made both his pass and run blocking good, but they really made his run blocking good. And, that couldn't be more accurate because Long played a huge part in run blocking this year.

The Bad

Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo - I think that each's overall is a little low. Camarillo's overall is 73 and Bess is 74. But, the big thing I didn't like much is their catching statistic. Bess is 87 and Camarillo is 83. I know they aren't really big play receivers, but one thing they can do is catch the football. Their catch stat should be at least a little higher. Bess' is a little more accurate than Camarillo, but I still think they both need to be higher.

Tyler Thigpen - This one isn't hugely important, but I still think it is a bit of a mistake. Thigpen's overall is 64. He showed that he is a lot better than they when he came in last year and almost lead the Miami Dolphins to a comeback victory over the Steelers. A 64 overall is very off, and I think he should at least be a 70.

The Pretty Accurate But Hopeful To Change Soon

Chad Henne - Henne's overall is 79. I think it may be a little low, but that may just be the Dolphins fan in me. I do think that his throw power of 94 is accurate because it is a good deal higher than his accuracy of 78. He does have a very strong arm, which is why I like his rating.

Hopefully Henne will get better as the season progresses, which is why I made a special section for him. There is a good chance that he can do well enough to become a high 80's and low 90's overall by next year.

We will see how well they do this year and how accurate the ratings are. Hope that they are all too low and all of the Dolphins players play better than expected.

Are there any other ratings you guys don't agree with? Let me know with your comments below.

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