Miami Dolphins Owner Stepen Ross Gives The Dolphins A Vote Of Confidence

Maybe Stephen Ross is trying to match Rex Ryan in New York.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross recently said that the Dolphins would be in Super Bowl XLV, and that Chad Henne has the potential to be the best QB in Miami history. That history includes Dolphins QB Dan Marino.

This sounds like something New York Jets coach Rex Ryan would say, and not Stephen Ross, but he did and maybe it will show Chad Henne that the organization is confident in what he is doing.

I like the move, because I want Chad Henne to know that he is supported. Hearing that your boss thinks you can be the best ever has to make you confident in yourself.

There has been talk that Ross is only adding pressure to Chad Henne, but I don't think that is a problem. It will probably only give Henne more confidence. Ross is making a very smart move, because if he can give Henne confidence now, then Henne will have confidence during games to throw the ball long.

Having someone who believes in you and sees your potential is huge. Not only is Ross impacting Henne, he is also impacting the whole Dolphins team because he is telling them that he believes in what they can do with his Super Bowl prediction.

Maybe his words will have no effect on what will happen for the Dolphins next season, but that isn't likely. Ross is standing behind the players he has and is showing them he thinks they are able to succeed.

This could be a really smart thing for Ross to say, but only time will tell.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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  1. Maybe what Ross says makes a difference, I don't know. I was thinking once a players steps on the field all that rah rah stuff goes bye bye.

    Judging by the reactions of what the fans think about what Ryan says about his team, and his bravado. I don't understand why Ross would go down the same road.

    Saying something as he said in private to Henne would carry some weight. Saying it to the Media is window dressing, and has the appearance of being fake and a copy cat. But, I could be wrong !!!

  2. Maybe so, but saying it still shows confidence, whether it is private or public.

    At least this way I know he is confident in his players. That may be part of what he is trying to get, but I can't be sure. Maybe if he can prove to people that he is confident in Henne, other people can be confident in him as well.

    Either way, I am glad that he said what he did. The Super Bowl comment was bold, but I like it.

    And what were you saying about Rex Ryan? I thought the fans loved what he was doing. Isn't that the reaction he will go for.

  3. It's a good move for national coverage of the team. Ross doesn't seem like the kind of owner to let his team sit in the shadows.

  4. Yeah, Ross is the kind of owner that I want for my team. Much better than Wayne Huizenga.

  5. Thank you Anonymous... It's good to see someone else on the site. Keep it up don't be shy :))