Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall's Returns Early and Other Notes

As soon as news came out that Brandon Marshall was injured and would be sitting out until training camp, Broncos fans used it as an excuse and said how they were "glad that they didn't have to worry about him anymore".

Well I have news for you guys, neither do the Dolphins.

Marshall was reportedly practicing in the OTA's doing positional drills. That is great because Marshall is ahead of schedule and should be working with Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne very soon.

Now, nobody has to worry about Brandon Marshall's status anymore. We know he will be fine, and hopefully he will be able to put up another 100+ receptions this year.

Also, Brandon Marshall has apparently decided on keeping the number 19, so don't sweat it Dolphins fans. Him having the same number as Ted Ginn Jr. is actually a good thing because Ginn used up all of the bad luck and terrible catching in the number. Now, all Marshall will have to do is put the number and he will be sure to have great luck and be able to catch everything.

But seriously, I know that people say it is silly to worry about numbers, and I partially agree. But, anyone who has ever played competitively in any sport for a number of years can understand the importance of having a certain number. You just feel more comfortable in it. I know it is weird, but that is just how it works for some people. Marshall getting a number that he can be comfortable with is more important than you may think. Not super-important, just more than you may think.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more posts on the greatest team in football.

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  1. As long as Brandon Marshall can play like I know he can, and he can stay happy playing for the Dolphins. This will be a great addition to the team.

    If he begins to act up as he did in Denver, I'll be happy to treat him as the fans in Denver did. That's just the way it goes. I don't give a rats azz about any of the players on the team.

    They get payed WELL to play a game on our money. The only thing I ask of them is to do their jobs, buy into the program, and act like they're a member of the human race. Do that and he has my support.

  2. Honestly, as long as he doesn't commit a serious crime I don't care too much about what he does as long as he helps us win games.

  3. I'm with you on that, but if that's all a player is, a body on the field then that's how I will view them. Don't expect me to get behind them when it comes to a new contract or contract disputes.

    For instance I feel I can back Ronnie Brown with little problem, but I wanted JT out of here. Not because JT couldn't play, Lord no it wasn't that. It was because he was only interested in how JT looked to the media. When it was said and done JT in the past 6 or 7 years was all about himself. Once JJ and Wanny left JT turned into a self centered fool. I can't stand people like that.

  4. That's a great question. I'm not quite sure to be honest. To me it just seemed that he didn't care about the team it was all about him. When he talked about the team he always said we. He never owned the me part, nor did he discourage the media for asking the questions about his game when the team lost.

    If the media asked about a great day he may have had. I don't recall him passing the credit around to the players around him, He dove right into the I mode. such as, I saw the ball on the ground scoped it up and ran, or the I saw the QB looking my way and I was able to pick him off. He never seemed to acknowledge how the ball got on the ground, or why the QB threw the ball in his direction. Something tells me someone else caused the fumble or a bad throw, but I can't recall him saying much about how he wound up with the ball and who caused the problems.

    Then the Cameron fiasco came about and he never backed him up. When the Dolphins brought in the trifecta, he went off dancing.

    It didn't really matter what I thought the trifecta knew what he was, and they shipped him to the Skins. I think although I'm not sure he could have nixed that trade according to the CBA, but he didn't do that. Which meant he was fine with the deal. Lately he goes to the Jets, a team he said he would never go to.

    Why does everyone else have so much trouble seeing him for what he really is ? A great player but most certainly not a team player.

  5. That's an interesting point. I haven't really seen much of his interviews, so I haven't payed attention to it much.