My Favorite Miami Dolphins Defensive Player

So, you guys know my favorite player on offense already. Now, it's time I tell you my favorite defensive player on the Miami Dolphins.

First, let me say this. I have two players that I really like and they both play the same position, but one really sticks out to me.

That one is CB Sean Smith.

The other CB that I really like is Vontae Davis. Both Davis and Smith were drafted in the 2009 NFL Draft. Davis was drafted in the first round and Smith in the second.

What I like so much about Smith is his ability to work his way up. He started all 16 games last season, which was more than Davis who started 9.

I remember hearing during training camp last year about how hard Smith was working and how well he was doing. That and the fact that I have always really liked the CB position has made Sean Smith my favorite player.

The key to being successful in the NFL is to be hard-working and constantly be a student of the game. We know Smith is hard-working, and hopefully he is also a student of the game.

Smith, like Greg Camarillo, doesn't even put up the best numbers for his position on the team. He is just always making a big play and shutting down who he is covering. He didn't even get an interception during the regular season last year, but he still does the small things.

Don't get me wrong, though. If you watch highlights of Smith, you can see he also has a lot of big play potential. Here are two videos of Smith. One is a highlight of him in college. The other is him during the preaseason last year.

As you can see Sean Smith possesses incredible catching ability, as well. And, he still has his entire career in front of him. Things can only go up from here.

Smith and Davis are the future of the Miami Dolphins defense. Both CBs will be able to lead the Miami Dolphins defense to great things because of their potential and work ethic.

If you want to follow either of them on twitter, here are links to their twitter accounts.

Sean Smith:

Vontae Davis:

That's my favorite defensive player on the Miami Dolphins. Tell me who your favorite player is, and why.

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