My Favorite Miami Dolphins Offensive Player

Now, we all have favorite players that we like to follow in the NFL.

Hopefully, most of you have a favorite Miami Dolphin that you pay specific attention to. Somebody that you follow closely and you enjoy it that much more when they make a great play.

I have two favorite Dolphins players. One on offense and one on defense. They aren't necessarily the best at their position either, although it can be argued. This post is about my favorite offensive Miami Dolphin:

Greg Camarillo.

I know most of you have heard about him. He is a WR on the Dolphins. Camarillo puts up consistent numbers and has a good number of receptions each season.

What I love so much about Camarillo is his ability to catch anything that is thrown his way. He is one of the most sure-handed players you will ever see.

He can definitely make important catches on crucial plays.

When the Dolphins went 1-15, Camarillo was the player who made the game winning touchdown reception in overtime against the Baltimore Ravens.

Camarillo has stuck through since that horrible season and continued to contribute to the Dolphins as they have become a much better team. He has been with the Dolphins longer than a lot of the current Dolphins players. He is the oldest WR on the Dolphins and has been with Miami longer than any of the other receivers.

Camarillo didn't have a single touchdown last year, so you may wonder why he is my favorite player. He is my favorite player because he is the type of guy who makes the play to set the offense up for a touchdown the following play. He doesn't take the glory for himself.

Now, granted, I have never actually met the guy. But, from what I can tell Camarillo is an unselfish player who deserves to be praised. He is very talented and does whatever is needed of him.

I will leave you guys with this. Last year when the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots, do you remember on fourth down when Henne threw the ball to Camarillo to convert?

If it weren't for Camarillo, then the Dolphins would have been 6-10 at best. I know 7-9 doesn't sound good, but it is a whole lot better than 6-10.

Now, let me hear from you guys. Who is your favorite offensive player on the Miami Dolphins? Don't put a defensive player yet, because I will cover that in a later post.

When you comment, start by naming your favorite player and then say why. Then, if you want, you can say what you think about other people's favorites and their reasons why. Please be respectful and keep the language to a minimum.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you by email or comments.

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