O.J. Atogwe Signs With The Rams, Which Pretty Much Ends Any Thoughts Of The Miami Dolphins Getting A New FS

The Rams finally resigned free safety O.J. Atogwe to a five year deal worth $32 million.

While there may not have been much of a possibility of the Miami Dolphins signing a free agent FS before, it is pretty much gone now.

The signing of Atogwe is an unofficial event that marks the end of any possibility of the Dolphins signing a free safety from free agency. It means that the Miami Dolphins staff trusts their current players at the FS position.

Most Dolfans agree with me when I say that the FS position is probably the weakest spot on the Dolphins defensive roster, so it was surprising to me when they decided not to pick up another free safety. But the Miami coaches apparently see something in who they have, so they have decided to keep things like they are.

Last year the Dolphins passing defense gave up way to many big plays and was a huge reason the Dolphins lost more than they won. This year they have only improved their pass defense, and the only real problem lies at free safety.

We'll see how the FS battle turns out with who we have, and hopefully whoever the final starter is will have a great year and help more than they hurt.

What do you think? Will the Dolphins keep who they have and who do you think will end up being the starter?

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