The Only Good The Enhanced Schedule Will Do Is Protect The 1972 Miami Dolphins

The NFL's proposed enhanced schedule does not have any real benefits that make it worth going through with.

It just adds too much danger and takes away too much of the excitement of an individual game. There is only one benefits that Miami Dolphins fans will have from this:

The perfect season.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins were, and still are, the only undefeated team ever in the history of the NFL. Other teams have come close, but none have ever been able to.

The enhanced schedule will only make it harder for a team to have a perfect season because they will have to play two additional games. That is two more chances for another team to beat them. If the enhanced schedule proposition is accepted and put into play, then it is a very good possibility that there will never be another NFL team to have zero losses in an entire season.

Think about it this way: If the New England Patriots had to play in 18 regular season games during their almost perfect season, then they would have just been starting the playoffs by the time the Super Bowl actually came around. They would have had to just start worrying about playing three of the top teams in the NFL during the playoffs instead of just one team in the Super Bowl.

I know that this isn't a good reason for the enhanced schedule, and I agree. Sure, records are great and are something that should be treasured, but they still aren't worth risking injuries.

So, while Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka may be in favor of this enhanced schedule, you still should not be. I know you probably love the entertainment that 16 games provides and want more, but it is not worth risking players health even more.

Let me know what you guys think.

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