Talk All You Want Nick Saban, But This Miami Dolphins Fan Doesn't Care

Nick Saban essentially apologized to the Miami Dolphins in an interview recently.

Nick Saban was the Miami Dolphins Head Coach for the 2005-2006 season when he helped the team to a 9-7 record. There were rumors late into the season that Saban might become the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Saban constantly denied these rumors and said he would stay with the Dolphins. But, when the end of the season rolled around in Miami, what did Nick Saban do?

He rolled out.

He became the head coach for the Crimson Tide.

Now, according to the Shutdown Corner Blog on, when Saban was asked about the situation with the Miami Dolphins he said that next time if he could, he would "manage it differently" and that he apologizes "for any professional mishandling that might have occured."

You can apologize all you want Saban, but I don't care. You lied over and over about staying in Miami, and then you just left.

The worst part is that Saban is apologizing now. Instead of apologizing soon after the whole incident, he decided to wait until four years later to apologize. He waited until his team had won a national championship game and he had fans all over Alabama supporting him.

It's easy to talk from a high-horse. Let's see how much he apologizes when he isn't winning.

I'm willing to bet that pretty soon the fans in Alabama won't be so gung-ho about their coach in a year or two. They may love him now, but don't be surprised if he starts to lose and they start hating him. But by that time, he will have probably left the team for another program that is willing to pay him with a fatter contract.

Let's just hope he doesn't return to the NFL and ruin another team. Unless, of course, he joins the Jets or Patriots. Then, we can count on either team falling apart and then our schedule will be a little bit easier for a few seasons.

Let me hear your opinions on Saban, just leave a comment below.

Also, I am sorry about not posting these last few days. I was out of town for the weekend and got back late Sunday.

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