Unlike The Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins Alumni Support Their Current Team

Some of you might of heard about Chicago Bears legend Gale Sayers criticizing the current Bears team last month. He talked about a lot of things that the current Bears team was unable to do, or what they will have to do next year.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, whom Sayers also criticized, fired back at Sayers because he didn't believe that Sayers should criticize the team he played for for so long.

I tend to agree with Urlacher about not criticizing your former team, and it made me think how thankful I was that legendary Miami Dolphins players don't criticize the current Dolphins team. I believe that most legendary Dolphins alumni are proud of their team and I don't remember ever hearing them insult their team like Gale Sayers did.

In fact, quite possibly one of the best quarterbacks ever and the best ever from Miami, Dan Marino, complimented current Dolphins QB Chad Henne in an interview recently.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Marino said the following of Henne.

"He gave them a chance to win a lot, which for a young quarterback is the most important thing. He's got a strong arm. ... Very strong arm. I think he's going to do nothing but get better."

Marino was obviously saying this because of Stephen Ross saying that Henne has the potential to be the best Dolphins QB ever.

I'm glad that Marino is supportive of Henne. If Henne knows that Dan Marino supports him, then he has to be more confident. Marino could have criticized either Ross for even trying to compare Henne to him, or he could have criticized Henne and commented on how he plays.

Unlike Gale Sayers, Marino didn't criticize his team, even though he could have and would have been defended by the majority of people. He chose to take the high road and give Henne confidence.

Think about it: who is better off because of what their alumni said? Henne or Urlacher?

So, Dolphins fans, be thankful that we have such a great franchise, and let us hope that Henne is able to give us years of success.

Let me know what you guys think about all of this. Leave a comment.

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