Welcome New Dolphin Shout Writer: Gary aka Riverdog

I would like to officially welcome Gary aka Riverdog to Dolphin Shout.

You guys may have seen him posting in the comments numerous times, well now he will be posting for the blog.

Gary is a huge Miami Dolphins fan and has a lot of great ideas. Trust me when I say this, you will want to read what he has to say. Gary can make you think about things that you never would have thought about otherwise.

So, please be sure to welcome him and comment on his articles. Whether you agree or disagree, please let us know because we love debates!

That's all, and if you guys have anything you want to ask or say to Gary, just email it to dolphinshout@yahoo.com with the subject "Riverdog"

To leave a comment click on the link that tells how many comments have been left. It is right below this next to the email link

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