Why Are The Miami Dolphins Looking At RB Harvey Unga?

Throughout the past couple of seasons, there was always one thing the Miami Dolphins could count on.

That was the running game.

It didn't matter what the passing game or the defense was like, you always knew the running game would come through. In a recent post I discussed whether the Miami Dolphins really needed Ronnie Brown. While I believe that Brown is a really great running back, I also believe that the Dolphins do not absolutely need him.

They have enough talent behind Brown at the RB position led by Ricky Williams. Williams is a great back that should be able to give the Dolphins a couple more great years.

Yes, Ricky is old, but he should be able to last long enough for the Dolphins to find a real starting back, and this is all assuming that Miami doesn't keep Ronnie Brown.

But for now, pretend that Ronnie Brown will not be a Miami Dolphin for much longer and Miami is searching for a back:

According to a report by sunsentinel.com, the Miami Dolphins are among the most interested teams looking at BYU running back Harvey Unga, who would be in the supplemental NFL draft on July 15.

I am wondering why they would be even remotely interested in Unga.

Williams will last the Dolphins for at least another season, which will enable them to pick up a running back in the NFL draft next year if they really need it. Then they could develop that back into a starter.

But, instead they are looking at Harvey Unga who, from what I can tell, isn't all that great of a running back. Sure, he rushed for 3,455 yards and he gained 1,085 receiving yards in three seasons for BYU, but if you watch his highlights he isn't very impressive.

He doesn't really have breakaway speed like most of the most successful running backs. He may be powerful, but that can only get you so far in the NFL. Speed is everything for a professional running back, and he just doesn't seem to have enough of it.

Unga does have a pretty good repertoire of moves that help him get past a defender, but the problem is that once he makes a move the defenders will still end up catching up to him before he scores. That could sometimes be the difference between a field goal and a touchdown.

If anything, Unga is more suited to be a fullback, which the Dolphins don't need right now either.

Maybe the Dolphins staff sees more in him than I do, but I can't really tell what that would be.

I believe that the Dolphins can find a better back than him next year, but I don't even think they will need to next year. Brown will, most likely, come back for the Dolphins and play for many more years. I just see it as unnecessary to even bother looking at the kid.

What do you guys think about Harvey Unga? Let me know with your comments.

I will also post a video of Unga when he played for BYU, so be sure to check that out.

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