Training Camp Day 2: Miami Schedules A Workout With Quarterback Tommy Grady

This shirt was given to every player trying out for a spot on the Miami Dolphins. The picture was tweeted by Sean Smith (
I have to say that I am thoroughly confused.

The Miami Dolphins scheduled a workout with a new quarterback for next Monday. This was really surprising to me because I thought all of this time that the only move Miami would make concerning quarterbacks on the roster was to get rid of one.

Now, it looks like they are considering adding one?

Maybe they are looking for somebody to pressure Pat White into performing more. That is the only thing I can think of because they aren't likely to get rid of Chad Pennington because he has certain clauses in his contract that will most likely keep him in Miami. I forget what the clauses were, but they went somewhere along the lines of Miami paying Pennington money if they traded or released him.

So, that is unlikely.

But, what are they doing with him?

The quarterbacks name is Tommy Grady, and he played in the Arena Football League. Because I was unable to find statistics for Grady for his AFL career, I have looked up some of his statistics from college.

In his final year with the Utah Utes he completed 50.4% of his passes, which was definitely nothing special. He threw for 681 yards and 4 touchdowns in that year, also.

These numbers may not seem that great, and that is because they aren't. He was the backup, so you can cut him some slack with those stats. But, not too much because he was a backup in college.

Most college starters don't ever do much in the NFL, let alone their backup.

Also, his name is also eerily similar to Tom Brady. I don't let superstition get in the way, but I still don't know if I could ever get past the name.

So, I'm not sure what the Dolphins are planning, but let us hope it ends up to be something good.

And on a similar note, Pat White was at training camp today after missing yesterday. Tony Sparano would not reveal why White was out. All he said was that White had some personal health issues. Apparently those issues are resolved and he is back to working out with the team.

I hope he is able to do well because I believe he can still be a good quarterback and that we haven't wasted our second round pick on him, yet.

Thanks everyone for reading and please give me your feedback on either Tommy Grady or Pat White.

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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Begins With Good Signs Everywhere

Training Camp Day 1 has ended, and we have mostly good results from camp.

First, we should start with Brandon Marshall. As you have probably heard, he did really well today. All reports from training camp are positive on Marshall, but what else did you expect. Marshall also had two big catches over CB Sean Smith, which leads me to my next topic.

Courtesy Of
Sean Smith struggled when covering Marshall, but what else would you expect? One of the hidden benefits of having a great receiver is that they will also help your cornerbacks develop. It is especially important for Smith because he is very tall and doesn’t normally have to face receivers his size. Marshall is his size, so it added experience for Sean Smith.

As for the FS battle, Clemons appears to be the current starter and is turning into a pretty good starter. When talking about Chris Clemons, Tony Sparano had this to say:

“Chris Clemons had a good spring and this gives us a chance to see the next step, tackling and last line of defense type things.”

I will do my best to interpret what Sparano means, but I am not quite sure myself about what he means. From what I can tell he is saying that the FS position will no longer be a hindrance and they no longer have to plan around the position.

There is a good chance that I am completely wrong, but that is what I think was said.

And this last part will be on Jared Odrick, because I am sure you guys are curious about how he is doing.

He is currently in the starting position above Marques Douglas. Surprised? So am I. But, this is a good sign. Douglas is a very good player, and the fact that Odrick is starting above him is very, very encouraging.

We will see how things go, but for now Odrick is the top DE on the right side.

That is all for today. Hopefully the good signs will keep on coming as we monitor them. Be sure to keep checking back for updates on the FS and DE situations.

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Miami Dolphins Training Camp Is Finally Upon Us

Training camp is finally here.

Now we can finally watch football again and follow position battles on the Miami Dolphins that we have been discussing for months. No longer are we just speculating about certain situations. Now we can actually see how the situations unfold. Situations like who will step up as a starting free safety and who will emerge as starters on the defensive line.

Photo courtesy of Hillyork
I am no longer bored. The Miami Dolphins have come to the rescue.

And, as the Dolphins enter training camp there is much optimism by the players about how they will perform this year. There is also a whole lot of optimism among Dolphins fans. This is one of the best Dolphins teams we have seen in years.

Think about it. Is there any team that has looked this good to you in the last ten years?

The funny part about that is that most people outside of the Dolphins fans underrate Miami. They don't predict much from South Beach in 2010. If you take away the article written by Michael Lombardi on then there really isn't much else outside of Miami that gives the Dolphins any kind of good prediction.

Don't worry. Predictions mean nothing when it comes to game time. Sure, they are a good indicator of how a team will perform when they do play, but they are definitely not 100% accurate. Nowhere close.

One thing I am sure of is that this will be a better year than last. Of that I am absolutely certain. We have only gotten better.

While other analysts have been paying attention to the New York Jets and New England Patriots they have been missing out on the best team in the AFC East. They will find out soon enough, though.

What is your prediction for this season? Do you think that this team is the best Dolphin team we have had in the last decade? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email at

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The Most Important Thing To Watch During Miami Dolphins Training Camp Is...

Our Free Safeties.

I know you were expecting me to wait a while to fill in the blank and finish the sentence I started at the title, but I figured I would surprise you with a quick answer. Not that it makes a difference either way.

Enough of my talking about non Miami Dolphins related topics, here is more on our free safety predicament.

Our current free safety situation has been taking a backseat because of recent movement on the defensive line. So, while it will be interesting to watch how our defensive line does and who will be the starter at NT and DE, the FS will be the position you want to watch.

We know that whoever will be the starter on the defensive line will be capable enough to hold their own. That is what we don't know about our free safeties. We don't know if they are capable of holding their own.

The two likely candidates to start at FS are Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons. Both of them are good players, but they just do not seem good enough to be starters. Jones is a great tackler, but his coverage skills are lacking.

The Dolphins pass defense was pitiful last year, and it needed to be changed. One of Miami's main weaknesses last season was FS Gibril Wilson giving up to many big plays and missing too many tackles. Now that Wilson is gone, Miami will hopefully have somebody step up and show us the ability to hold their own.

I just wish that Miami would have tried to get another free safety in either the draft or free agency. They did get Reshad Jones late in the draft, but I still think they should have gone for somebody else.

The more depth you have in any position, the better your starter will be in that position. I just wish that Miami had more depth at FS. Like my saying goes:

Depth is the key, and competition will create a champion.

We need more depth at free safety. But, since we don't have it let's hope that either Reshad Jones or Chris Clemons can emerge as a capable starter. As long as they can do more good than bad I am fine with them. Let's hope they can.

So while the defensive line will definitely be an interesting situation to watch, it isn't the most important thing to watch. I just hope that the result of training camp will also be interesting to watch for Dolphins fans.

That's all for now. Can anyone think of another concern to watch that is more important than the FS?

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The Miami Dolphins Are Building Depth To Help Create Competition

The Dolphins recently added both DE Marques Douglas and DT Montavious Stanley to the Miami Dolphins defense.

Additions like these were not extremely necessary moves, but they were definitely helpful. While we don't know for sure whether either player will start or not, we can be sure that they bring more competition to their respective positions.

When you have players competing for a position in any sport all of the players involved will only get better. Competition helps bring out the best in all athletes, and competition for a starting spot is no different.

The more depth a team has at a position, the better they will be because those players will compete with each other to try and earn the starting spot.

That is what I think will help the Dolphins prevail this season, and in future seasons. If you are constantly building depth on your team, you will constantly have players getting better.

If an athlete feels like their roster position is safe and they don't have to worry about losing it, they will be less motivated to get better than if they had another player threatening their position.

I came up with a "slogan" for depth on a team. It isn't exactly equivalent to a famous quote that you would hear someone in history say, but I think it is a good way of putting my thoughts in a sentence:

Depth is the key, and competition will create a champion

Without depth to create competition, a player will never continue to develop and be successful. You want a player to be comfortable when playing, but you don't want them to be too comfortable because they will feel like they don't have to work as hard.

This rule does have exceptions because there are some players that don't need competition to be better, but the majority of players will be much better with competition. And though there are exceptions, it should be a good rule of thumb for any team. Always bring in competition.

What do you guys think? Is depth important for a successful team? Please leave a comment with your opinion.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - "DE Depth" From Barry

 This will be my final fan question for now because training camp is finally here and there will be more to right about.

This question is from, once again, Barry West in London. Thank you Barry for yet another question. I really appreciate it. Here it is:

Do you think we have adequate depth at DE now merling is out? And, is Douglas a good enough replacement?

My Answer

The addition of Douglas gives the Miami Dolphins depth at the defensive end position. I'm not sure who will be the starter, but you can be confident that the backup will be capable to step in if needed.

If I had to predict the starter I would say that it will probably be Douglas because he is more experienced and gets a whole lot of tackles. He is also a better run stopper than Odrick.

The only downside to Douglas starting is that he doesn't get to the quarterback near as well as Odrick.

Other than that, Douglas has more advantages than Odrick. While Odrick is the long-term solution, Douglas will hold down the spot well and help Odrick develop.

I also believe that Douglas is a much better replacement than some people think. Douglas had almost twice as many tackles as Merling did last year. So, we are looking at an upgrade for this year on the d-line.

So, don't worry at all. Not only do we have a better player than we had originally, we also have depth at the position for when Douglass retires.

Thanks for the question Barry, and be thankful that training camp is finally among us.

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The Miami Dolphins Misssed The Playoffs Because...

I have an assignment for all you Miami Dolphins fans out there.

I want to hear from the Dolphins community about our biggest concern for this year. I am talking something that would keep us from making the playoffs. Let me know what you think will be Miami's achilles heel for the 2010-2011 season.

It could be anything from lack of leadership to Chad Henne falling apart(God forbid).

Whoever sends in the best answer with the best reasoning, examples, etc. will have their answer posted on the blog. I will give every credit to the writer and take none of it for myself.

Email your answers to this email address:

Use a format similar to this:

Location(City, State, Country):
Website you would like to promote(optional):
Your answer:

For the subject of the email put this: The Miami Dolphins Misssed The Playoffs Because...

If you do not want to write a lot, please still send an email or leave a comment below saying what you think will be the biggest problem. All you have to do is say one or two words like: pass defense. I will be tallying the results, so every answer helps.

I thought of this idea because I am curious about what the majority of Dolphins fans think is most likely to go wrong. It is easy to get caught up in what is going right in the organization, and I sometimes overlook big problems.

Thanks for reading everyone, and my email again is:

Image courtesy of: J Pat Carter/AP

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The New Miami Dolphins Are Finally About To Arrive

If you read the Sun Sentinel, writer Ethan Skolnick describes the Miami Dolphins situation best: just about everything is unknown. Starting with the Owner making statements like Joey Porter, down to looking for a new identity.

The old group of players that didn't do much for us (as far as wins and losses are concerned) are gone.


And, taking with them a dark hole that we as fans were so accustomed to. Yes, some of those players had a lot of talent, but they had no idea what it took to win. What is worse is they had us fans caught up in the "wait until next year" pattern (just like cubs fans have).

Enough of that junk, toss it out the window and never look back to that dark hole again. This is a new team with different players looking for new leaders and a new identity.

I don't expect a big season this year because of the huge turn over on the defensive side of the ball.

What I do expect are guys that have learned to compete from the first day of training camp. This team is going to be fast, big, and young. Because the old group is gone they have no one to teach them how to lose, and they can look to themselves and find out how to get the job done.

That's how you find Leaders and Identity. It comes from action, making plays when they are needed, those are things this team needs to learn.

We haven't seen that in some time down here. Isn't it about time we did?

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As Good As Miami Dolphins Running Back Ronnie Brown Is, I Would Never Draft Him For Fantasy Football

I was participating in a draft last week, when I saw that Miami Dolphins RB Ronnie was available. I considered drafting him, but then passed him up.

I don't remember who I got instead, but the people I was drafting with were surprised that I didn't get Brown. Partly because I am a Dolphins fan, and partly because they considered him to be better than who I picked instead.

As blasphemous as that sounds, I knew it was better for my team for one reason: Ronnie Brown is a fantasy football nightmare. He could score 5 touchdowns in a game when you don't see it coming and then hardly do anything in another game that you expect him to do really well in.

He is unpredictable, and that is any fantasy owners nightmare.

Fantasy owners look for consistent production week in and week out. That is what Ronnie Brown is unable to do, and that is why he isn't drafted among the best of the backs in the NFL.

As much as I am a fan of Ronnie Brown, his fantasy points are going to decrease even more than last year because Miami now has more of a passing threat. His numbers weren't that great last year, and they won't be any better this year.

Yes, he is a great player and he helps Miami's offense a lot whenever he is in. He just isn't a good fantasy player.

As a matter of fact most Dolphins players aren't great for fantasy football. Let's hope that trend changes for Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall because I have both of them on my team.

I hope you guys like the picture. I am going to try it for a while and see if it works.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.

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An Eye For An Eye: The Miami Dolphins Take DE Marques Douglas Before The New York Jets Can

I think we can all agree what is going to happen to Miami Dolphins DE Phillip Merling.

The Dolphins just agreed to a two year deal with unrestricted free agent Marques Douglas. There was talk that the veteran Douglas was going to go to re-sign with the Jets, but when they didn't show interest Douglass went to their rivals.

Sound familiar?

The Jets signed veteran Jason Taylor, who had been with the Dolphins for the majority of his life, and while Douglas hasn't been with the Jets for very long it is still great to steal a player from the enemy.

The addition of Douglass is a good one because now Miami has multiple starting options at the defensive position. Douglass will compete with rookie Jared Odrick. Everyone knows how the Dolphins staff likes to always have competition for the starting spot.

Douglas is a 33 year old veteran who should be able to last a few years while Odrick is able to develop. He had 64 tackles last year, which is really good. Now, the decision will be whether Miami wants to go with the pass rushing Odrick or run-stopping Douglas.

It will be interesting to see who wins the starting spot. We will see how each does during training camp.

Let me know what you guys think, and please feel free to email me a question to answer in my blog. My email is:

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - "Jared Odrick" from Barry

Here is yet another question from Barry in London, England.

It really is great to hear from committed Dolphins fan from around the country. As much as I would like to see an NFL team in England for it's growing fan base, I am afraid Miami will lose fans like Barry.

Anyway, here is his question:

Hi Paul,

How big a loss is Phillip Merling now that he's out for the season? Is Jared Odrick ready to start, or do we need to move for a veteran?

My Answer

I am confident in Jared Odrick this year. From everything I have heard about him, he is great at penetrating. He can get to the backfield and disrupt the offense very well. He is also very tall at 6'5", which is great because you can't teach height. You can expect to see Odrick deflecting a good number of passes thrown by the quarterback thanks to his height.

The biggest weakness for Odrick is when he isn't able to penetrate the defense and get into the backfield. He isn't the greatest at stopping a runner coming his way on the line, and that is why he wasn't drafted higher this year.

One thing that Merling wasn't able to do well that Odrick will is that he couldn't get to the quarterback nearly as well as Merling. That is a huge thing for me, and it is why I like Jared Odrick a lot.

As for signing a veteran, I think you can predict the future. Miami has just signed a veteran, and I will get to that in my next blog post, so stay tuned.

But back to Odrick, I am confident in his ability and believe he is a great replacement for Merling.

Thanks for your question Barry, and for anyone who has a question please email them to me at

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Miami Dolphins DE Phillip Merling Is All But Done Now Because Of Injury

In a post a few days ago I answered a question on whether I thought the Miami Dolphins would release DE Phillip Merling because of an assault charge.

I wanted the Dolphins to release him, and I still do. But, I didn't think they would because they haven't shown any signs of wanting to get rid of him. Well, now they have another reason to cut him.

He apparently has an injury to his Achilles Tendon injury and will be out for an unannounced amount of time.

This is just another reason for Miami to cut him, and I would be extremely surprised if they don't. Not only will cutting him clear up another roster spot and give the team a better image, but it is also possible that the injury wasn't football related. If that is the case, then it is possible that Miami will also not have to pay Merling his salary of $600,000 from last year.

Normally, you wouldn't want to get rid of a starter, but thankfully Miami went for Jared Odrick in the draft. Odrick and Merling were competing for the starting defensive end spot, so we know Merling can be replaced.

Aren't you guys glad that Miami traded down in the draft and was still able to get Jared Odrick?

Let me know with your comments.

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Talent On The Miami Dolphins

I hear the word Talent mentioned quite a bit with the Dolphins.

I can tell you one thing right now, I'm not able to judge the talent of a football player well. I know when a guy looks good to me, but that doesn't mean that much. I don't think there are many of us that have the expertise to say this team is talented, yet we hear that all the time, "This team is getting more talent every year." Compared to what, or whom?

Sure, we have more talent then we did before the trifecta came here. So did every other team in the NFL for that matter. It doesn't take much to improve on that!

One thing we don't have is the talent to compete with the big boys of the league.

Leave off the excuses and we lost to the Steelers, Saints, Colts, Patriots once, Chargers, Falcons, and even lost 1 game to the Bills!

THE BILLS? Ladies and Gentlemen that is NOT getting it done. The reason is because of the lack of talent.

The good thing is that the front office knows it. We saw evidence of it this off season.

They canned nearly every linebacker, and for good reason. Do you remember when they went linebacker crazy in the draft? What they thought of the talent in that core of players? It was the same at the safety position. Even the offensive line was reshaped, and I thought they were pretty good last year.

That is a perfect example that I don't know what I'm looking at. Judging by what I have seen about how good the offensive line was last year, it appears the experts are no better at judging the talent of this team than I am.

I'm glad that we have a management team in place that knows what talent is, and is trying to improve upon it. The question is: ARE they getting it done?

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - "Defensive Scheme" from Barry

Today we have another question from our man in London: Barry West. This was a tough one, so thanks for making me think a little bit more Barry. Here it is:

Hi Paul,
What scheme do you think Mike Nolan is going to run this season, bearing in mind our personnel?

Without a true NT will we see a hybrid scheme with Randy Starks at NT, and then Paul Soliai in when operating a more standard 3-4?

My Answer

First, let me say that I don't expect Paul Soliai to play a whole lot this season. Soliai is a good player, but I think that Starks is an even better player.

The only time I see Soliai in is when Miami is running the standard 3-4 like you kind of said, but Starks will probably still get more time in the standard. I believe that Miami is going to try and use Starks as much as possible at Nose Tackle to see if he is capable enough at the position because it is really hard to find talent at the Nose Tackle position.

To me, Starks (305 pounds) seems to be the better decision because he is smaller than Soliai (355 pounds). I know it sounds weird to think that smaller is better for a defensive lineman, but it can be.

Starks is obviously going to be faster than Soliai, and he can use his speed to his advantage. Most centers in the NFL are about Starks size. So, while bigger Nose Tackles like Paul Soliai would be unable to quickly pass a center, Starks has a better chance of being able to. I'm not saying that Starks is a small man compared to you and me, because he is still huge. He just isn't as big as other NFL Nose Tackles.

As for when Miami runs the hybrid scheme and brings a linebacker down to the line, expect Starks to be in. That is because he will no longer be at the nose of the defensive line.

Normally in a 4-3 you have two tackles. One is bigger like Soliai, and his primary focus is to stop the run and take on two blockers to leave an opening for one of the linebackers. The other is usually smaller and around Starks size. His main goal is similar to the others, except he needs to try and rush the quarterback during a pass play.

The great part about having Starks in as the player in the bigger tackle spot is that he can also rush the quarterback. Normally the big guy wouldn't try and rush the quarterback, but with Starks being smaller he is able to. Now, instead of having one tackle who is a threat to the quarterback, you have two tackles threatening him.

The only problem with two smaller tackles is that the linebacker has a harder time getting to the quarterback. But, that shouldn't be too much of a problem because Starks is great at getting to the quarterback himself.

So, in a nutshell your answer is this. Starks will definitely be in during the hybrid scheme, and he should be in for the majority of the traditional scheme. Soliai is good, but Starks is better and he has the potential to become a very good Nose Tackle.

Thanks for your question Barry, and keep them coming everyone. I enjoy difficult ones like those. My email for your questions is

Also, let me say this. As much as I try to be completely accurate about formations and such, I sometimes mess up something or describe a position wrong. If I do please either email me or leave a comment letting me know.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Phillip Merling from Anthony

We have another question from our man in the heart of enemy territory. Anthony Bertolini from New York has a question about Philip Merling. So, here it is:

Paul I have a tough time dealing with 6' 4" 305 pound Phillip Merling hitting his pregnant girlfriend. Do you think if he's found guilty Miami will cut him automatically?

Paul I'm far from an angel myself but hitting a pregnant woman, or any woman for that matter is inexcusable.

Thanks & Regards as Always,

My Answer

I, like you, am not on Phillip Merling's side on this one. Hitting a woman is never acceptable, but hitting a pregnant woman is five times worse.

While I would like Miami to get rid of him if he is guilty, I am not really sure if they will. They really didn't say or do much when the story first came out. I don't think they will do a whole lot more, either. They may suspend him for a certain amount of time, but that won't be likely for one reason: the NFL will probably get to him first.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell enjoys giving out big fines and suspensions. That is why the NFL will probably suspend Merling for at least part of the season and hand him a nice fine.

While he deserves all of the suspensions and fines, I think the one thing he deserves most (being cut from Miami) might not happen. Merling is a talented player, and with Randy Starks moving to Nose Tackle Miami may try and keep him because of his skill. It may not seem right, but it is a possibility.

Let's hope that Miami does cut him. I would rather just depend on Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai than having to follow Merling. We will see, though.

Thanks for the question and keep them coming guys. Also, don't forget about my fantasy football league. Email me for details about it or to ask a question about Miami at this email address:

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Will Kory Sheets Ever Be A Top Running Back For The Miami Dolphins?

The Sun Sentinel just did an article about how Kory Sheets wants to prove that he has more than just speed. He wants to prove he is "an every down back".

I'm wondering: Will he ever be an every down back for the Miami Dolphins.

I think we all can agree his speed is his strength. He is probably the fastest player on the team. In order for him to be more than just an average running back with speed, he has to be able to do more.

He was a great running back in college, but things will be a lot harder for him. In college he was able to run a lot faster than his opponents, where in the NFL his opponents are able to keep up with him more.

One thing that Tony Sparano wants to see more from Sheets is pass blocking. A running back who is good at pass blocking is invaluable because he can be the difference between a sack and a first down.

I am confident that Sheets has a good shot at making the roster, though, because he can be a great kick returner. One thing makes all of the difference for a kick returner: speed. You don't have to be good at your position to be a kick returner as long as you are fast.

Just ask Ted Ginn Jr.

We will see what happens, but I have a feeling it will take Sheets a few years to develop into an every down back like he wants. He may not ever develop into one, we just can't tell yet.

Post a comment below on whether you think Sheets will ever become a top back in Miami. I am interested to know what other Dolphins fans think.

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Looking For People (Not Just Miami Dolphins Fans) To Join The Dolphin Shout Fantasy Football League

Hey everyone. I am looking to host a fantasy football league with yahoo sports, and I am looking for people who are interested in joining.

If you are interested in joining, then email me at Also, if you have any friends that would be interested then let me know in the email.

I'm not sure whether I am going to do a money league or not. It all depends on what you guys want to do. When you send me the email, let me know if you would be willing to do a money league or not. If enough people are interested, then I would definitely be willing to.

The entry fee wouldn't be more than around $10, and the pot would be divided with the majority going to first place, and then a little to the runner up.

The scoring would be pretty normal. If you have any preference of scoring just mention it in the email. Also, I don't really want to do really hard scoring unless pretty much everyone wants to. Just putting that out there.

Basically, email me with your interest, the above things, and anything else you may have to say. I would like to do the money league, but I would be more than happy to do non-money too.

So, I look forward to hearing from you guys. I just can't wait to see how far Brandon Marshall lastst among a bunch of Dolphins fans. Once again, my email is:

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For Better Or Worse: Randy Starks Is Officialy The Starting Nose Tackle For The Miami Dolphins

Some of you may have heard by now, but for those of you that haven`t Miami Dolphins Nose Tackle Jason Ferguson has announced that he is retiring from the NFL after a long career.

Ferguson was going to be out for the beginning of the season and Defensive End Randy Starks was set to take his place for at least as long as Ferguson was out.

Now there isn't any question that Starks is going to be the starter all year because there isn't anyone who looks to be able to take his spot.

Don't worry though Dolfans, Starks looks to be capable enough that it won't be a problem for him to start.

So, let us wish luck to Ferguson and Starks. One is moving on and the other is moving up.

What do you guys think? How will Randy Starks do this year and how do you feel about Ferguson leaving? Let me know with your comments.

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Michael Lombardi Is My Hero Miami Dolphins Fans, And Here's Why

Since there isn't much news about the Miami Dolphins, I figured that I would write about something I recently read on written by Michael Lombardi.

Lombardi wrote about the AFC picture and gave each team a ranking between super bowl contender and no chance to win at all. Here is a link to the article:

Lombardi had three teams in the top category of super bowl contenders, and guess who was one of them.

Yep, the Miami Dolphins.

Not many people have given the Dolphins credit this year, which is why I was surprised that Lombardi included Miami among the elite. But, what he said is very, very true.

He praised Miami's execution and their consistency. He also mentioned their size and mental toughness. All of which I agree with, but it is just great to hear from an NFL analyst.

He then finished by saying:

"If the Dolphins stop the big plays, make a few of their own, and find a way to close out games, J-Lo and Marc Anthony might have a stake in a Super team."

Thank goodness for Michael Lombardi and thank you to him for recognizing what Miami has. What do you guys think about what he said let me know with your comments.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Reshad Jones From Barry West

Today we have a question from across the pond. Everyone please welcome Barry from London, England. It is good that there are Miami Dolphins fans from around the world.

So, thank you for your question Barry and here it is:

Miami recently signed rookie S Reshad Jones to a contract. Does the management expect him to start and make an immediate impact? And, do you think we should have signed a veteran like Darren Sharper or O.J. Atogwe.

My Answer

It is pretty clear that there are two main people in the running for the Miami Dolphins Free Safety position: Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons.

From what I can tell Clemons will be the starter. Jones is a great tackler, but his coverage skills seem to be somewhat lacking. Clemons doesn't seem to be much of a starter, but he is the best we have right now.

I do wish we had signed a veteran FS this offseason and gave Jones and Clemons a year to develop under an experienced player. But, since that hasn't happened yet it looks like one of the younger players will be forced into a starting position. Hopefully they will be able to perform well enough.

Atogwe or Sharper would have been a big help, and they would have definitely upgraded our passing defense for sure. I personally believe that they would have made Miami's secondary elite, but oh well. For now we can just trust the Dolphins management that they know what they are doing.

Who knows, maybe Clemons and/or Jones are the players we are looking for. I am really hoping they are, but I'm not sure they will be. We will see, though. I just can't wait for training camp to come around

Thanks for your question Barry. To the rest of my readers, please send more questions you may have about the Miami Dolphins. Just email the questions to

Let me know what you guys think about our current FS position with your comments. Also, please follow me on twitter at

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Dolphin Shout Needs New Miami Dolphins Questions From You

Hey everyone. I am looking for new questions about the Miami Dolphins. It can be anything relating to the Dolphins, so feel free to fire away.

Email me at with your questions. Try to answer in a format like this:

Name: Your name
Location: City/State where you live
Website you represent(optional): give your website some publicity
Question: You question about the Miami Dolphins

I am sorry, but I am unable to post anything more because I am still getting over a migrane and it hurts to look at my screen. Thanks everyone for reading and I look forward to your questions.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Jason Taylor's Legacy from Victor Huesca

Next is a question from Victor Huesca. All of our questions have been on the east coast until Victor. He lives in California, so it is good to hear from fans across the country.

Who knows, maybe the next question will be from a different country. Anyways, here's the question:

I'd like to say great job and keep up the good work.

I bleed Aqua and Orange and I can't help think how Jason Taylor has tarnished his legacy with the Miami Dolphins Organization by signing with the good for nothing Jets.

Am I the only one who has burned his Jersey and condemned him to the Jets Hall of fame? Is this a case of me being too much of a die hard fan?

My Answer

Thanks for reading and I appreciate the question.

I too bleed aqua and orange, and I do agree that Jason Taylor has tarnished his legacy with Miami. He will never be the same in the eyes of Miami fans, and that is for sure.

I can also say that you aren't the only one to burn Taylor's jersey. Many other fans feel the same way you do, and I am one of them. I would have rathered him retiring then to play in New York.

Not everyone feels the same way you do, though. The Miami Dolphins are still going to honor him by adding him to some honor roll. So, while many fans agree with you, the Dolphins organization definitely isn't burning any jerseys.

That's about all there is to say about Jason Taylor, but I will leave you with a video from a Miami fan. I will warn you that there is some foul language, but since most of our readers are 18+, I think it is ok that I post it.

Just so everybody knows, this is not me in the video. Thanks for the question Victor, and keep them coming everybody.

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New Dolphin Shout Page: Miami Dolphins Birthdays & Still Taking Miami Dolphins Questions

I have added a new page to my blog. On it is the birthdays of every key player of the Miami Dolphins.

I figured this would be a cool little tool to look up if you ever need it.

Please check it out and if there is anyone that you think should be included from Miami please either post a comment here or email me at and I will see to adding them immediately.

That's all for now, and please keep your questions about the Miami Dolphins coming. For those of you who don't know, I am currently letting people email me questions pertaining to the Miami Dolphins and I answer it on my post. If you want to ask me a question please send it like this:

Name: Insert name here

Location: City and/or State where you are from

Question: Your Miami Dolphins question

You can also include the website you are representing if you are representing one. Maybe you can gain a little bit of exposure with your questions, so please feel free to email a question whenever you want.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Ronnie Brown And Randy Starks From Stephenson Camille

We have another question from Florida from a Dolphins fan named Stephenson Camille. Keep the questions coming Dolfans. Here is Stephenson's question:

Hi Paul.

Do you think that Ronnie Brown will sign with the dolphins by the start of the 2010 season or do you see Ronnie Brown playing for another team?

Also I'm wondering what kind of an impact will Randy Starks make playing the NT position?

My Answer

Ronnie Brown is a unique situation. He isn't a bad influence or a diva, which is why his contract situation is a little surprising.

The Dolphins declined a $5 million team option for Brown's salary this offseason, so basically they aren't willing to pay him $5 million for this season. They then offered Brown a tender deal worth just under $4 million, and that is the current offer.

That doesn't leave a lot of room for negotiation. So, if Brown doesn't like the amount of money offered, he will most likely have to move on to another team.

This isn't very likely, though. Brown is expected to take the tender offer before training camp starts. I believe that he will sign before training camp, but it is still possible that he decides to go to another team willing to pay him more.

So, while he will most likely stay with Miami, there is a possibility that he will leave. But, even if he does leave you don't need to worry. Miami has a bunch of talent at the running back spot that will last them a pretty long time.

As for Randy Starks, I am very optimistic about what he can do. He is smaller than a standard Nose Tackle. Many people think that is a disadvantage because he won't be as strong, but it can actually be an advantage because he will be faster than most NTs. If the Dolphins are able to use his speed to their advantage, then he can do exceedingly well.

Starks played Nose Tackle a little bit last year according to GM Jeff Ireland, and he apparently did pretty well. I wouldn't worry too much about the move simply because they have already tried him out at that position. They wouldn't put him in if he wasn't able to be successful at the position.

Thanks for the question Stephenson, and everyone else keep the questions coming. I will try and answer yours as soon as possible.

Let me know what you guys think with a comment?

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Lebron James To The Heat Or Brandon Marshall To The Dolphins: Which Addition In Miami Will Make A Bigger Impact On Their Team?

So by now you probably know all about Lebron James and him picking the Miami Heat in "The Decision".

It has gotten and unheard of amount of coverage in the past month, and now it is finally over and he is joining the Heat.

Now, since this is a blog about the Miami Dolphins, I figured it is my duty to compare such a big addition to an addition made by the Dolphins:

Brandon Marshall.

I am wondering, which addition will help their team more and be a bigger impact? Brandon Marshall or Lebron James?

Adding Lebron makes the Heat pretty much a lock to play in the NBA championship. When you pair him with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat are going to be a very dangerous team.

Adding Marshall makes the Miami passing game a huge threat. It transformed a run first team to, most likely, a pass first team. It will spread out the defense and keep them from focusing on just the running game like they did last year. They have to worry about keeping Marshall in check, and that in turn will open up Miami's other receivers as well as the running game.

One thing we can both be certain of is that both teams will definitely have an increase in ticket sales. Lebron James and Brandon Marshall are both huge stars and will make people want to go to their games. For instance, I didn't have any intention of going to a Miami Heat game this season, but because of Lebron I might go to one.

Both players will help sell more tickets and fill the seats in the stadium, but I think Lebron has the upper hand in that because he is one of the most popular players in the NBA. Marshall is a superstar, but not like Lebron.

But back to the discussion: who will have the biggest impact? I think the answer is Lebron for one big reason that I haven't mentioned yet. Basketball is a team sport, but it requires a lot less players than football.

In basketball a single player can have a bigger impact than football. In basketball it is possible to be a successful team with one really good player. In football you need the majority of the 11 players on the field to do well in order to be successful. It's the nature of the game. Lebron James is a more important impact to the Heat than Peyton Manning is to the Colts. He is more important than any football player in the NFL.

So, while Brandon Marshall may not make as much of an impact as Lebron James, don't worry. He will still have a huge impact.

That is all I have to say now. If you emailed me a question, don't worry. I will answer it tomorrow. I just thought I should put this out there.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think about Lebron and Marshall.

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Terrell Owens from Gary

Hey everyone and here is another question from a fan. For everyone who has already sent me an email, don't worry. I will get to yours ASAP.

And if there is anyone who has a question to ask, please feel free to send it in to

Today's question is from Gary in Florida. No he isn't the "Riverdog" Gary that writes for Dolphin Shout. He is just another loyal fan. I figured that I should take a question from friendly territory after we took one from the heart of New York. I enjoyed his question because it got me thinking about certain situations that, while they may never happen, are still pretty fun to think about. Here's his question:

What would you think about T.O. joining the Fins? I know he is an arrogant self centered *insert here*, but he is soooo good. Would we have the money and the room to keep Hartline and Bess if we signed him for a season?

This may be way out there but I respect your opinion. Thanks very much and keep up the "GREAT" work.

My Answer

Terrell Owens is a fun player to watch, and I think he would be very entertaining in Miami, but I don't think the Dolphins will pick him up unless he is willing to take a very, very drastic pay cut and here's why.

Terrell Owens is what we call a "diva-receiva". If people in Miami were slightly concerned about Brandon Marshall being a diva, which he's not, then they would absolutely hate T.O.

I personally don't mind him too much. I do believe that he doesn't help a team emotionally at all. He was a very good receiver, and can still be very good, but I don't know if he is worth the risk with his age. For all we know he could have a terrible season simply because of his age.

That, combined with the amount of money he is asking just makes it less appealing to Miami.

Now, if he was willing to lower the amount of money he is asking, I am still not sure the Dolphins want to pick him up. Miami has a bunch of possession receivers and Brandon Marshall. From what I can tell, the trifecta prefers possession receivers. Brandon Marshall was just an extremely necessary move Miami had to make in order to balance out their possession receivers. I don't think that the Dolphins want another play-making receiver.

As for the money, I'll be honest I'm not sure where Miami stands with the salary cap. I really wish I knew, but I have no idea where to look. If there is anyone who knows where I can find it please email me at

The Dolphins also have a lot of receivers already, which is why I don't think there is room for him. They should save the roster spot that T.O. would take up for another position that could use it. Terrell Owens is good, but he isn't a necessity like another position could be.

Enough with the bad on him, though. I think it would be very interesting to watch him and Brandon Marshall work together. Owens can make things happen, which would make him perfect for Chad Henne. Henne would have Brandon Marshall and T.O. to throw it to. He is already going to be dangerous with Marshall, and adding Owens would make him even more dangerous.

So, while T.O. could do some pretty good things, concerns about his age, how much money he is expecting, and his diva ways will most likely outweigh the benefits.

So Gary, thank you for the email and I hope to hear more questions from you soon. I hope I answered your question well enough.

If anyone has a question about the Dolphins please feel free to email me at

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Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Defense - From Anthony Bertolini

Here is a question from Anthony Bertolini in NY. That's right, he's in the heart of Jets territory. But, please don't attack him because he is loyal to the aqua and orange. Here is his question:

Although we went Defense in the draft I'm very worried about numerous factors:
-We're still a bit weak at OLB
-We still dont have a proven Free Safety
-We have a defensive lineman moving to NT for the first time as a permanent solution
-Even Jason Ferguson (when he gets back) is in his late 30's and has to be battling weariness after all these years

Paul, I'm very excited about the upcoming season, and I wait all year for this, so I guess my question is...... Are we thinking with our hearts too much as opposed to our heads? Is there a distinct possibility that I'm going to have to suffer through another sub par season while praying for a great 2011 draft? Is Mike Nolan capable of taking pieces from elsewhere and making them work in new positions? Please keep in mind I'm surrounded here by Damn Jet Fans who think every year they're Super Bowl Bound..........Please can you give me some news?

My Answer:

First, let me put one thing to rest. Jets fans are always going to think they are good, even if they aren't. Just ignore all of the hype. They maybe pretty good this year, but they aren't near as close to where their fans think they are.

As for thinking with our hearts and heads, I will admit that I do get a little over-excited and think with my heart sometimes. But, I don't think that there is a possibility that you will have to suffer through another mediocre season. Everything really is looking up for Miami. The offense is very, very good, and our defense is getting better by the day.

And about Mike Nolan, I am completely confident in him. He is the least of any of my concerns this year. I did a little bit of analyzing how he helped defenses when he was a coordinator, and here is what I came up with:

Nolan has been a defensive coordinator for 11 years. In 8 out of those 11 years, Nolan's defense has been in the top half of the NFL in points allowed. Of those 8 seasons, his defense has been in the top 10 six times.

While those are just statistics and the results can vary from team to team, that is still a very good indicator of his skills.

I have also read about how he has changed Miami's defensive mindset to a more agressive one, which I think sounds great.

I know you are concerned with the OLB position, the free safety position, and the moving to the nose tackle position. But, stop worrying about it. If Mike Nolan is willing to make the move, then I am willing to trust him. He has 22 years of coaching experience in the NFL. He knows what he is doing.

So, put your mind and heart to rest. Miami is going to be great this year, and any problem they may have most likely won't be big enough to ruin the season. The Dolphins have a great chance at making the playoffs this year.

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Calling Miami Dolphins Fans, I Need Your Help!

Everyone hates the offseason in the NFL.

It doesn't matter who you root for, you just want the cold weather to hurry up and come back so you can watch some football.

And just like fans don't enjoy the offseason, neither to journalists and blog writers like me.

So I am asking everyone who reads this, please email me a question about the Miami Dolphins.

It can be anything that has to do with the Dolphins. I will post your question with an answer on my blog.

When you email, give me a format something like this:


It doesn't have to be exactly like that, because I understand I shouldn't be picky. But as long as you ask me a question I am happy.

Email your Miami Dolphins questions to, and I may even post your question as soon as tomorrow depending on whether anything new comes out of Miami.

Now, since I always try to add some Dolphin talk to as many of my posts as possible, here is something for you guys to think about:

Should Miami keep Patrick Cobbs?

He is coming off of a season-ending knee surgery last year, and Miami already has a lot of running backs on the roster.

What made me think about it was an article I read saying his knee was getting a lot better.

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the risk of Cobbs being injured. I'm not sure if he gets injured a lot or not, but I do know that he obviously can't be a player who never has to worry about injuries simply because he had a season ending injury.

But, do the Dolphins even need to worry about him?

I don't think so because along with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, Miami has Lex Hilliard and Kory Sheets. Hilliard was able to be successful when he ran the ball last season, and Sheets has a lot of potential. Do we need to worry about holding on to Cobbs when we have good backups like Sheets and Hilliard?

Let me know what you guys think about Cobbs, and don't forget to email me your questions here:

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5 Miami Dolphins Defensive Players Primed For A Breakout In 2010

I apologize to anyone who was expecting a post this weekend, but I was taking the 4th of July weekend off, but now I am back to business.

I've told you about offense, and now I will tell you five defensive players who are bound to break out next season. Our defense needs a lot of these players to have breakout seasons because of how pitiful the defense as a whole was last year.

The Miami Dolphins need players who can end drives instantly. Here are 5 players who have a chance to break out next year and do just that.

1. Vontae Davis, CB

Vontae Davis is going into his second year as a cornerback. Last year he showed flashes of greatness during times, but still gave up a lot of big plays to receivers. Part of that may be because he was always covering the best receiver, but still.

He has a great opportunity to break out this season because he can only get better from last year. New defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has also implemented a new agressive defense, and hopefully Davis will thrive in it. Davis has a lot of potential. Hopefully he will be able to harness it in 2010-2011.

2. Sean Smith, CB

Sean Smith is another cornerback Miami drafted in last years draft, so this is also his second year. Smith was drafted in the second round, where Davis was drafted in the first.

Smith has a lot of potential, and has a very good chance to break out this year. He is very tall, which can be used to his advantage. He was a pleasant surprise last year when he started all 16 games as a rookie. Just like Vontae, he has a lot of potential and Mike Nolan should only help him improve.

3. Randy Starks, NT

The Miami Dolphins moved Randy Starks to the nose tackle position this offseason. He is a very strong player, which is important for the nose tackle. He was very good last year with 7 sacks, so some people may not think that changing his position will help him, but I beg to differ.

Starks' is a great player who can perform really well on the line. It doesn't matter where he is on the line. He may be lighter than most nose tackles, but that doesn't matter too much because of his strength. He is also faster, so he should be able to quickly move past his blocker.

4. Koa Misi, LB

Koa Misi should be able to break out very well as a rookie this season. He is very quick and athletic, and he should be able to fit in Miami's offense well. Misi can either be a linebacker, or he can move to the DE position well. That will be a huge help and will increase his ability to break out.

What will really help Misi is that he is hard working. You know he will have the best chance to do well every game because he worked hard at what he had to during workouts and practices during the previous week.

5. Reshad Jones, FS

I really hope Jones can break out this season. Miami's biggest question mark on their defense is the free safety position, and Jones is a likely candidate to fill that void. He is a very hard-hitting safety, and he should be able to strike fear into anyone who runs his way with the ball.

While his coverage skills may not be where we want them to be, don't worry too much. He should be able to develop better coverage skills with an experienced defensive coordinator like Mike Nolan. Breakouts often occur when you aren't expecting it, and that will most likely be the case with Reshad Jones.

Let me know what you guys think with your comments. Thanks for reading.

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5 Miami Dolphins Offensive Players Primed For A Breakout In 2010

All Dolphins fans are hoping for a breakout season this year. They want a team that can win this season.

Some fans are impatient and want to see Miami go far next season, while other fans are more patient and are willing to wait for Miami to be a strong post-season contender.

Whether you are a patient or impatient fan, you still want success, and if they want to be successful they will need certain players to have a breakout year this season. Here is a list of five offensive players on the Dolphins that are primed for a breakout this year.

1. Chad Henne, QB

Henne is probably the most talked about Dolphin when it comes to a breakout season. Chad Henne has extremely high expectations from his fans, and for good reason. Henne now has a star receiver named Brandon Marshall who will help him a lot more than what Henne had last year.

He is also more experienced and will be able to work with his team this offseason during training camp. He wasn't able to during training camp last year because he wasn't the starting quarterback, but he will be able to next year and, in doing so, become more of a leader.

Henne will be great this year, and the biggest reason is Marshall, but his success will also be thanks to his experience, chemistry with the team, and his leadership.

2. Brian Hartline, WR

The addition of WR Brandon Marshall helps a lot of the offense, and Hartline is evidence of that.

Brandon Marshall is a huge playmaker, and will require double teams a lot this season. When Marshall is being double covered, Hartline will be open to catch the ball himself. That is the case for all of Miami's receivers, but Hartline is a receiver who will be able to make a big play.

Last year Hartline lead the Dolphins with more 20+ and 40+ yard receptions than any other receiver. The big thing is that he got less receptions than any other receiver who received considerable minutes last year. Hartline has big play potential, and Marshall will help bring the potential out in him.

3. Kory Sheets, RB

Kory Sheets has a chance to do well this year. He is a very fast runner, and he may be the third string back for Miami. His speed would be great for the Dolphins running game. He is also very good at scoring when the offense is near the goal line, according to his combine scouting profile. His ability to score might be what will help him break out next year. If Miami needs somebody to score when they are near the goal line, Sheets might be the back they hand it to.

Ricky Williams is getting old, and Ronnie Brown isn't always reliable because of injuries, so the Dolphins will probably look for another running back. That is where Sheets may come in.

He is also supposed to be a pretty good kick returner, as well. So, he has an even better chance of breaking out this season.

4. Anthony Fasano, TE

Fasano had a pretty bad year last season. Credit his bad performance to what you want, but he still didn't do very well.

I believe Fasano is in position to break out this year. He has receivers and running backs around him that will take the focus of the defense away from him. Top that with the fact that defenses may not take him seriously this season, and you could be looking at a very good season for him.

I am not saying whether he will have it or not, but he is definitely primed for one. Hopefully, he will be an important part of Miami's offense next year and will have a breakout.

5. Davone Bess, WR

I didn't want to include another receiver, but Bess is an important player. He will definitely have a breakout season. He is a great receiver who can catch practically anything thrown at him. As defenses focus on Brandon Marshall, and then hopefully Brian Hartline, Bess will be more open than ever.

Bess is primed for a breakout. Last season he had 76 receptions for 758 yards, and that was with the Dolphins not even throwing the ball a lot. This year they will throw a lot more, and Bess could possibly have 100 receptions and 1000 receiving yards.

Statistics like that are reasons why Bess will have such a good year.

What do you guys think? Let me know with your comments.
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Is Miami Dolphins QB Tyler Thigpen Better Than Madden Says He Is

When scanning through the Dolphins player ratings for the upcoming Madden 11 I noticed how low Miami QB Tyler Thigpen's rating was.

His overall is 64, which is a very bad rating for any player in Madden. The highest rating a player can get is 99, and any player with a rating below an 80 isn't very good.

I know that Thigpen definitely isn't considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but I still think his rating should be higher than a 64. Thigpen did pretty well last year when he played against the Steelers. I know his stats didn't reflect it, but he still almost lead the Dolphins to a victory.

He helped the Miami Dolphins come back from a 27-10 deficit with two touchdown drives. The only problem with the performance is that he threw an interception on the following two drives to seal the loss. While he didn't do a good enough job to win, he still was able to bring the Dolphins back to win.

I think he showed potential to be a good quarterback and should have a better rating than 64.

And, while I'm not sure whether I agree with it, many people believe Thigpen is better than Pat White. According to his Madden rating, Thigpen is worse than White(who had a rating of 66), which many people probably disagree with.

Do you think Thigpen is a better quarterback for the Miami Dolphins than Madden 11 makes him out to be? Let me know with your comments.

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