5 Miami Dolphins Offensive Players Primed For A Breakout In 2010

All Dolphins fans are hoping for a breakout season this year. They want a team that can win this season.

Some fans are impatient and want to see Miami go far next season, while other fans are more patient and are willing to wait for Miami to be a strong post-season contender.

Whether you are a patient or impatient fan, you still want success, and if they want to be successful they will need certain players to have a breakout year this season. Here is a list of five offensive players on the Dolphins that are primed for a breakout this year.

1. Chad Henne, QB

Henne is probably the most talked about Dolphin when it comes to a breakout season. Chad Henne has extremely high expectations from his fans, and for good reason. Henne now has a star receiver named Brandon Marshall who will help him a lot more than what Henne had last year.

He is also more experienced and will be able to work with his team this offseason during training camp. He wasn't able to during training camp last year because he wasn't the starting quarterback, but he will be able to next year and, in doing so, become more of a leader.

Henne will be great this year, and the biggest reason is Marshall, but his success will also be thanks to his experience, chemistry with the team, and his leadership.

2. Brian Hartline, WR

The addition of WR Brandon Marshall helps a lot of the offense, and Hartline is evidence of that.

Brandon Marshall is a huge playmaker, and will require double teams a lot this season. When Marshall is being double covered, Hartline will be open to catch the ball himself. That is the case for all of Miami's receivers, but Hartline is a receiver who will be able to make a big play.

Last year Hartline lead the Dolphins with more 20+ and 40+ yard receptions than any other receiver. The big thing is that he got less receptions than any other receiver who received considerable minutes last year. Hartline has big play potential, and Marshall will help bring the potential out in him.

3. Kory Sheets, RB

Kory Sheets has a chance to do well this year. He is a very fast runner, and he may be the third string back for Miami. His speed would be great for the Dolphins running game. He is also very good at scoring when the offense is near the goal line, according to his combine scouting profile. His ability to score might be what will help him break out next year. If Miami needs somebody to score when they are near the goal line, Sheets might be the back they hand it to.

Ricky Williams is getting old, and Ronnie Brown isn't always reliable because of injuries, so the Dolphins will probably look for another running back. That is where Sheets may come in.

He is also supposed to be a pretty good kick returner, as well. So, he has an even better chance of breaking out this season.

4. Anthony Fasano, TE

Fasano had a pretty bad year last season. Credit his bad performance to what you want, but he still didn't do very well.

I believe Fasano is in position to break out this year. He has receivers and running backs around him that will take the focus of the defense away from him. Top that with the fact that defenses may not take him seriously this season, and you could be looking at a very good season for him.

I am not saying whether he will have it or not, but he is definitely primed for one. Hopefully, he will be an important part of Miami's offense next year and will have a breakout.

5. Davone Bess, WR

I didn't want to include another receiver, but Bess is an important player. He will definitely have a breakout season. He is a great receiver who can catch practically anything thrown at him. As defenses focus on Brandon Marshall, and then hopefully Brian Hartline, Bess will be more open than ever.

Bess is primed for a breakout. Last season he had 76 receptions for 758 yards, and that was with the Dolphins not even throwing the ball a lot. This year they will throw a lot more, and Bess could possibly have 100 receptions and 1000 receiving yards.

Statistics like that are reasons why Bess will have such a good year.

What do you guys think? Let me know with your comments.
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