As Good As Miami Dolphins Running Back Ronnie Brown Is, I Would Never Draft Him For Fantasy Football

I was participating in a draft last week, when I saw that Miami Dolphins RB Ronnie was available. I considered drafting him, but then passed him up.

I don't remember who I got instead, but the people I was drafting with were surprised that I didn't get Brown. Partly because I am a Dolphins fan, and partly because they considered him to be better than who I picked instead.

As blasphemous as that sounds, I knew it was better for my team for one reason: Ronnie Brown is a fantasy football nightmare. He could score 5 touchdowns in a game when you don't see it coming and then hardly do anything in another game that you expect him to do really well in.

He is unpredictable, and that is any fantasy owners nightmare.

Fantasy owners look for consistent production week in and week out. That is what Ronnie Brown is unable to do, and that is why he isn't drafted among the best of the backs in the NFL.

As much as I am a fan of Ronnie Brown, his fantasy points are going to decrease even more than last year because Miami now has more of a passing threat. His numbers weren't that great last year, and they won't be any better this year.

Yes, he is a great player and he helps Miami's offense a lot whenever he is in. He just isn't a good fantasy player.

As a matter of fact most Dolphins players aren't great for fantasy football. Let's hope that trend changes for Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall because I have both of them on my team.

I hope you guys like the picture. I am going to try it for a while and see if it works.

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