Calling Miami Dolphins Fans, I Need Your Help!

Everyone hates the offseason in the NFL.

It doesn't matter who you root for, you just want the cold weather to hurry up and come back so you can watch some football.

And just like fans don't enjoy the offseason, neither to journalists and blog writers like me.

So I am asking everyone who reads this, please email me a question about the Miami Dolphins.

It can be anything that has to do with the Dolphins. I will post your question with an answer on my blog.

When you email, give me a format something like this:


It doesn't have to be exactly like that, because I understand I shouldn't be picky. But as long as you ask me a question I am happy.

Email your Miami Dolphins questions to, and I may even post your question as soon as tomorrow depending on whether anything new comes out of Miami.

Now, since I always try to add some Dolphin talk to as many of my posts as possible, here is something for you guys to think about:

Should Miami keep Patrick Cobbs?

He is coming off of a season-ending knee surgery last year, and Miami already has a lot of running backs on the roster.

What made me think about it was an article I read saying his knee was getting a lot better.

I'll be honest, I don't know much about the risk of Cobbs being injured. I'm not sure if he gets injured a lot or not, but I do know that he obviously can't be a player who never has to worry about injuries simply because he had a season ending injury.

But, do the Dolphins even need to worry about him?

I don't think so because along with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, Miami has Lex Hilliard and Kory Sheets. Hilliard was able to be successful when he ran the ball last season, and Sheets has a lot of potential. Do we need to worry about holding on to Cobbs when we have good backups like Sheets and Hilliard?

Let me know what you guys think about Cobbs, and don't forget to email me your questions here:

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