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Hey everyone and here is another question from a fan. For everyone who has already sent me an email, don't worry. I will get to yours ASAP.

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Today's question is from Gary in Florida. No he isn't the "Riverdog" Gary that writes for Dolphin Shout. He is just another loyal fan. I figured that I should take a question from friendly territory after we took one from the heart of New York. I enjoyed his question because it got me thinking about certain situations that, while they may never happen, are still pretty fun to think about. Here's his question:

What would you think about T.O. joining the Fins? I know he is an arrogant self centered *insert here*, but he is soooo good. Would we have the money and the room to keep Hartline and Bess if we signed him for a season?

This may be way out there but I respect your opinion. Thanks very much and keep up the "GREAT" work.

My Answer

Terrell Owens is a fun player to watch, and I think he would be very entertaining in Miami, but I don't think the Dolphins will pick him up unless he is willing to take a very, very drastic pay cut and here's why.

Terrell Owens is what we call a "diva-receiva". If people in Miami were slightly concerned about Brandon Marshall being a diva, which he's not, then they would absolutely hate T.O.

I personally don't mind him too much. I do believe that he doesn't help a team emotionally at all. He was a very good receiver, and can still be very good, but I don't know if he is worth the risk with his age. For all we know he could have a terrible season simply because of his age.

That, combined with the amount of money he is asking just makes it less appealing to Miami.

Now, if he was willing to lower the amount of money he is asking, I am still not sure the Dolphins want to pick him up. Miami has a bunch of possession receivers and Brandon Marshall. From what I can tell, the trifecta prefers possession receivers. Brandon Marshall was just an extremely necessary move Miami had to make in order to balance out their possession receivers. I don't think that the Dolphins want another play-making receiver.

As for the money, I'll be honest I'm not sure where Miami stands with the salary cap. I really wish I knew, but I have no idea where to look. If there is anyone who knows where I can find it please email me at

The Dolphins also have a lot of receivers already, which is why I don't think there is room for him. They should save the roster spot that T.O. would take up for another position that could use it. Terrell Owens is good, but he isn't a necessity like another position could be.

Enough with the bad on him, though. I think it would be very interesting to watch him and Brandon Marshall work together. Owens can make things happen, which would make him perfect for Chad Henne. Henne would have Brandon Marshall and T.O. to throw it to. He is already going to be dangerous with Marshall, and adding Owens would make him even more dangerous.

So, while T.O. could do some pretty good things, concerns about his age, how much money he is expecting, and his diva ways will most likely outweigh the benefits.

So Gary, thank you for the email and I hope to hear more questions from you soon. I hope I answered your question well enough.

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