Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Jason Taylor's Legacy from Victor Huesca

Next is a question from Victor Huesca. All of our questions have been on the east coast until Victor. He lives in California, so it is good to hear from fans across the country.

Who knows, maybe the next question will be from a different country. Anyways, here's the question:

I'd like to say great job and keep up the good work.

I bleed Aqua and Orange and I can't help think how Jason Taylor has tarnished his legacy with the Miami Dolphins Organization by signing with the good for nothing Jets.

Am I the only one who has burned his Jersey and condemned him to the Jets Hall of fame? Is this a case of me being too much of a die hard fan?

My Answer

Thanks for reading and I appreciate the question.

I too bleed aqua and orange, and I do agree that Jason Taylor has tarnished his legacy with Miami. He will never be the same in the eyes of Miami fans, and that is for sure.

I can also say that you aren't the only one to burn Taylor's jersey. Many other fans feel the same way you do, and I am one of them. I would have rathered him retiring then to play in New York.

Not everyone feels the same way you do, though. The Miami Dolphins are still going to honor him by adding him to some honor roll. So, while many fans agree with you, the Dolphins organization definitely isn't burning any jerseys.

That's about all there is to say about Jason Taylor, but I will leave you with a video from a Miami fan. I will warn you that there is some foul language, but since most of our readers are 18+, I think it is ok that I post it.

Just so everybody knows, this is not me in the video. Thanks for the question Victor, and keep them coming everybody.

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