Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Reshad Jones From Barry West

Today we have a question from across the pond. Everyone please welcome Barry from London, England. It is good that there are Miami Dolphins fans from around the world.

So, thank you for your question Barry and here it is:

Miami recently signed rookie S Reshad Jones to a contract. Does the management expect him to start and make an immediate impact? And, do you think we should have signed a veteran like Darren Sharper or O.J. Atogwe.

My Answer

It is pretty clear that there are two main people in the running for the Miami Dolphins Free Safety position: Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons.

From what I can tell Clemons will be the starter. Jones is a great tackler, but his coverage skills seem to be somewhat lacking. Clemons doesn't seem to be much of a starter, but he is the best we have right now.

I do wish we had signed a veteran FS this offseason and gave Jones and Clemons a year to develop under an experienced player. But, since that hasn't happened yet it looks like one of the younger players will be forced into a starting position. Hopefully they will be able to perform well enough.

Atogwe or Sharper would have been a big help, and they would have definitely upgraded our passing defense for sure. I personally believe that they would have made Miami's secondary elite, but oh well. For now we can just trust the Dolphins management that they know what they are doing.

Who knows, maybe Clemons and/or Jones are the players we are looking for. I am really hoping they are, but I'm not sure they will be. We will see, though. I just can't wait for training camp to come around

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