Dolphin Shout Miami Dolphins Fan Question - Phillip Merling from Anthony

We have another question from our man in the heart of enemy territory. Anthony Bertolini from New York has a question about Philip Merling. So, here it is:

Paul I have a tough time dealing with 6' 4" 305 pound Phillip Merling hitting his pregnant girlfriend. Do you think if he's found guilty Miami will cut him automatically?

Paul I'm far from an angel myself but hitting a pregnant woman, or any woman for that matter is inexcusable.

Thanks & Regards as Always,

My Answer

I, like you, am not on Phillip Merling's side on this one. Hitting a woman is never acceptable, but hitting a pregnant woman is five times worse.

While I would like Miami to get rid of him if he is guilty, I am not really sure if they will. They really didn't say or do much when the story first came out. I don't think they will do a whole lot more, either. They may suspend him for a certain amount of time, but that won't be likely for one reason: the NFL will probably get to him first.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell enjoys giving out big fines and suspensions. That is why the NFL will probably suspend Merling for at least part of the season and hand him a nice fine.

While he deserves all of the suspensions and fines, I think the one thing he deserves most (being cut from Miami) might not happen. Merling is a talented player, and with Randy Starks moving to Nose Tackle Miami may try and keep him because of his skill. It may not seem right, but it is a possibility.

Let's hope that Miami does cut him. I would rather just depend on Kendall Langford and Paul Soliai than having to follow Merling. We will see, though.

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