An Eye For An Eye: The Miami Dolphins Take DE Marques Douglas Before The New York Jets Can

I think we can all agree what is going to happen to Miami Dolphins DE Phillip Merling.

The Dolphins just agreed to a two year deal with unrestricted free agent Marques Douglas. There was talk that the veteran Douglas was going to go to re-sign with the Jets, but when they didn't show interest Douglass went to their rivals.

Sound familiar?

The Jets signed veteran Jason Taylor, who had been with the Dolphins for the majority of his life, and while Douglas hasn't been with the Jets for very long it is still great to steal a player from the enemy.

The addition of Douglass is a good one because now Miami has multiple starting options at the defensive position. Douglass will compete with rookie Jared Odrick. Everyone knows how the Dolphins staff likes to always have competition for the starting spot.

Douglas is a 33 year old veteran who should be able to last a few years while Odrick is able to develop. He had 64 tackles last year, which is really good. Now, the decision will be whether Miami wants to go with the pass rushing Odrick or run-stopping Douglas.

It will be interesting to see who wins the starting spot. We will see how each does during training camp.

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