For Better Or Worse: Randy Starks Is Officialy The Starting Nose Tackle For The Miami Dolphins

Some of you may have heard by now, but for those of you that haven`t Miami Dolphins Nose Tackle Jason Ferguson has announced that he is retiring from the NFL after a long career.

Ferguson was going to be out for the beginning of the season and Defensive End Randy Starks was set to take his place for at least as long as Ferguson was out.

Now there isn't any question that Starks is going to be the starter all year because there isn't anyone who looks to be able to take his spot.

Don't worry though Dolfans, Starks looks to be capable enough that it won't be a problem for him to start.

So, let us wish luck to Ferguson and Starks. One is moving on and the other is moving up.

What do you guys think? How will Randy Starks do this year and how do you feel about Ferguson leaving? Let me know with your comments.

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